The Lorax Movie: A Nine Year Old’s Review

After weeks of build-up, excitement, parties, cupcakes and apps, we finally – FINALLY – went to see “The Lorax Movie” last night – in IMAX 3D no less! And let me tell you all, 3D technology has progressed many light years past where it was when I was a kid and saw “Clash Of The Titans” in what they called 3D back in the Paleolithic Era (rainbow-colored shadows and hazy double-vision! Wow! It sure made those sword-wielding skeletons life-like and real! NOT.). My point is, don’t be afraid of the 3D now, elders. Within the context of this movie, much as with “Despicable Me,” 3D actually works. HUZZAH!

But enough of me and my silly adult ideas and opinions! Let’s hear what the kid – in all her nine-year-old wisdom – has to say about “The Lorax Movie,” shall we? (WARNING: A few spoilers ahead…. tread with caution, Lorax newbies!)

Me: So what did you think of the movie?


Me: Hysterical? How so?

Her: It was so funny! Like when the Once-ler’s family came in their trailer and The Lorax was going to fight that big lady – I think it was his sister, who called The Lorax a big furry peanut? – and the Once-ler said, “You wouldn’t hit a woman, would you?” And the Lorax was all, “THAT’S a woman?”

Me: Wow, you really remember dialogue don’t you?

Her: Yeah.

Enveloped in Lorax 3D last night

Me: Who was your favorite character?

Her: It would definitely have to be The Lorax. He was funny.

Me: Was he like what you imagined when you read the book?

Her: He was funnier. And I liked the grandmother. She was crazy!

Me: Betty White in the hiz-ouse!

Her: ?

Me: Nevermind. So what was your favorite part of the movie?

Her: It would have to be the end.

Me: When The Lorax comes back?

Her: Yeah. And he compliments the Once-ler on his beard.

Me, laughing: What did he say?

Her: “Like your beard.” And then they have a big hug. Which I think made Charlie cry.

Me: No comment. So you would recommend it to other kids?

Her: Yes! I would say, “You should totally go see it.” I’m seeing it again today with Dad!

Me: Indeed you are. Do you think it’s as good as the book?

Her: It think it’s pretty much better. Because it’s funnier. But the book is really good. If you haven’t read the book, you’re WRONG. Just WRONG. Don’t see the movie if you haven’t read the book, because you’re WRONG.

Which, I think, is the right note to end on, yes? It’s a great movie for kids and adults without question (think something along the lines of “Despicable Me” (which I LOVED) and you’re on the right track), but as the kid said, read the book, too. It’s great to kick back together as a family at the movies no doubt, but it doesn’t beat snuggling up with a book and using your imagination together. And that’s a sentiment I think Dr. Seuss himself would approve of.

**A big thanks to Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax for sponsoring this campaign.  Click here to see more of the discussion.**


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