Easiest Gift Ever: Make Customized Cards for Any Occasion

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I love the whole idea of mobile printing. When it dawned on my that I could use it as a creative parenting tool, I was giddy! One particular idea was sparked by only a few simple words. I distinctly remember the day I bought the small book of encouraging messages for my daughter. She was not yet a tween but I was so smitten by the American Girl postcards and their poignant and powerful words, I knew she had to have it. I knew I had to have it for her. And just as I hoped she would, she pored over each card, wholeheartedly taking in each phrase as if it had been written just for her, carefully tearing each one out and choosing the right place in her room to display each one.

Fast forward 8 years later and she still has those cards; warped, frayed, taped and tattered. Over the years she’s even passed a few on to her sister who is a tween herself now. It makes me swell with mama pride.

My then little girl is now a teenager; bright, beautiful, bold and brave. She’s wise beyond her years—far smarter than I—and has the biggest, kindest, most-earnest heart of anyone I have ever met. Even still, the teenage years can be challenging, and I know that despite her remarkable resilience, she still needs reassurance from messages like the ones printed on those postcards. She needs reminders of her beauty and of her power. Of her potential and of her enoughness. Of her courage and her creativity. She, like all of us needs to be encouraged as she continues to walk her path and so, a new set of cards was imagined. Especially for her, with love from me.

My plan all along has been to make my own but I didn’t have a clear vision of how to do them until it dawned on me that if I wanted them to feel like a personal gift from me to she that I would need to use photographs for the background; images of her, snippets of home and travel, the landscapes of our life. And then I found the perfect photo creative app from Rhonna Designs, with the most wonderful messages and unique designs that it was the perfect combination. Add the HP mobile printer and I was on my way to creating the cards of my dreams that I could share with my daughter.

Here’s a play by play of how it all came to be.

  • The magic of mobile 1 of 14
  • Create 2 of 14

    With apps like Rhonna Design, creating a masterpiece using one of your own photos is a snap. This app has the most awesome messages and the most beautiful design. All you need is the perfect shot to use as the canvas.

  • It is indeed 3 of 14

    Quite often, the more simple the image, the more powerful the end result. A simple sky shot worked perfectly here.

  • yes you are 4 of 14

    There's nothing like pulling in the family pet to make a phrase like this more personal. This shot worked pretty well, I must say and the words make me weepy.

  • 3 little words 5 of 14

    Love love love this expression. We all need this reminder!

  • Always 6 of 14

    We live in a coastal town where this is our view all year long. It's familiar beauty makes it special for me and my it will for my daughter as well.

  • Hit print 7 of 14

    Using the HP Mobile app, I hit print right from my phone and in seconds the image appeared! Huzzah! Instant Mobile Printing Magic!

  • Trim 8 of 14

    Once the cards we printed I took a corner rounder to the edges for a more finished look. I actually didn't want them to look like snapshots so this worked really well to make the pictures look like cards.

  • Mount 9 of 14

    I used some 4x6 colored card stock from my Project Life supplies and mounted each picture to the cards for visual appeal and durability.

  • Adorn 10 of 14

    I punched holes in some of them and used embroidery thread so she could hang them if she wanted.

  • Share 11 of 14

    I handed the deck to my teenager and she loved them! Sniff sniff.

  • Empower 12 of 14

    She chooses this one to put on her desk in her room. Yay! It's one of the most recent pictures I took of her and it makes me weak in the knees.

  • Find 13 of 14

    I love to leave notes like these where my kids can discover them. It makes me so happy to know they are reading such affirmative messages! This is propped on the bathroom window sill.

  • Reminder 14 of 14

    I actually might keep this one for me.

Part mobile magic, part hands on crafting and all heart and soul! This was one of the most enjoyable and meaningful projects I have worked on in a while and now that I’ve found my rhythm, you can’t stop me. Next set of cards will be for my tween. I can’t wait to get started!


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