8 Cute Juice Glasses for Your Morning Routine

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I have built an entire morning routine around choosing my coffee mug. I’ve got a pretty large collection of different mugs all of which are unique in look, feel, and meaning. With each morning comes a new opportunity to seize the day—as they say—and I don’t take that lightly. What is it that I look for in my daily mug? It all depends on my mood and what I want to be most reminded of that day. I have mugs that feature my favorite mantras (like Trust the Process and Embrace Change), mugs that are soothing colors, mugs that are playful, mugs with photos on them, mugs that are hand painted by my daughters, you get the idea.  Each one brings me joy for a different reason but most of all, choosing my mug for the day keeps me mindful and grounded. I know that just by a simple choice, I can create the kind of morning I want.

With that kind of deliberate start to my day, one might think it would have dawned on my sooner to take that kind of simple act of mindfulness and bring it to the rest of my kitchen cupboards.  But, it wasn’t until I bought my husband the most adorable owl juice glasses  did I realize that my every meal (or in this case beverage) can be infused with more mindfulness and joy if I continued my morning mentality into the rest of the day.

These little glasses are bringing my entire family so much happiness (they came 4 in the set, each as adorable as the other) that I’ve been looking for more juice glasses to add to the new collection.

Here’s some of the front runners:


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