The Most Impressive Photos to Come From My Galaxy

Hi again, me with the sponsored post about the Samsung Galaxy camera. What you may not realize is that these posts don’t even technically need to be about the camera and its features at all, we’re just supposed to use the camera to document our holiday moments and memories and talk about it yadda yadda. Yet this camera manages to continually blow my everloving mind so you get yet another post about the camera itself. But don’t worry, this one has a lot of pictures which, let’s be honest, is what you really want to see in a post about a camera and photography.

The photos I chose illustrate some of the very best features about the camera in very average everyday scenarios. (Well, kind of everyday. Maybe not at all. Let’s just say this post was going to be called “THE LAST CAMERA YOU’LL EVER NEED” but I figured that was a bit extreme because there is still very much a place for other cameras. I just really like this one. In fact it was the only camera I took with me on a week long cruise as well as a two week visit with family for the holidays and it has proved to be more than enough.)

Let’s forget the chit chat and go straight to the photos, shall we?

  • Andrea and Addie 1 of 9
    Andrea and Addie
    The most impressive part of this photo is that I'm standing pretty far away from them. The zoom man, it's amazing! (Also impressive? The two of them basically look like sisters.)
  • Lights at Temple Square 2 of 9
    Lights at Temple Square
    If you've never seen the lights at Temple Square in Salt Lake then you've never seen lights. This is hand held, no fancy setting, no edits just focus on the lights and shoot. Whaaaaaa? I KNOW!
  • Little Red on a Roof 3 of 9
    Little Red on a Roof
    This one had a little Walden action applied in Instagram because guess what? I can Instagram STRAIGHT FROM MY CAMERA. I had it added to my AT&T mobile share plan the first day I had it.
    This is one of my most favorite photos I've ever taken on Instagram ever.
  • Nativity Reflection 4 of 9
    Nativity Reflection
    Again, no fancy settings. No post processing, just point and shoot (which is really what a point and shoot should be all about right?) Also? Hand held. No tripod. Go ahead, I'll let that just sink in.
  • Pirate Night! 5 of 9
    Pirate Night!
    The camera has a bunch of smart settings, meaning you can pick a specific one or it will just pick one for you based on what it sees through the lens, in this case it saw two pretty ladies and applied the 'beauty' setting meaning we look flawless and glowing. (I'd like to say we look that way all the time but that would be a lie.)
  • Sunset 6 of 9
    I mean, we've all seen a hundred sunset photos. And this one probably isn't the best one you've ever seen, but it was a magical one I wanted to remember for myself and the camera managed to capture all the different colors in the sky, the clouds and the water.
  • O Christmas Tree 7 of 9
    O Christmas Tree
    Hand held, no post processing, only the tree lights. That baby GLOWS, does it not?
  • Water Show 8 of 9
    Water Show
    Know what's harder to photograph than subjects in low light? Moving water. So being able to hand hold a shot of moving water IN THE DARK? Be impressed. Be very impressed.
  • Wink 9 of 9
    It's been too long since I've posted a picture of my cat. So here you go, my cat. Lying on my stomach before a long winter's nap. Isn't he handsome?

And last but not least, let us not forget that the Samsung Galaxy has fully functioning HD video capability as well. Add it in with the amazing zoom of the Samsung Galaxy and I was able to capture Ron dancing his heart out from the other side of the ship and one floor up.

This guy made the top ten moments of my cruise, watch the video and you’ll totally see why. Do you not love how he exits stage left and never comes back? (Later when I ran into him and showed him the video he was a little embarrassed and really proud someone appreciated his sweet moves. He also commented on my amazing camera, no lie.)


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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