The Oscars! My Favorite Night On Social Media

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oscarsI fell in love with Twitter pretty much the day Twitter and I met, but I accepted the marriage proposal from my favorite social network not quite  a year later during the Oscars®.

Because being on Twitter during the Oscar Awards is pretty much like attending the world’s biggest, most fun, hilariously perfect Oscar party and you don’t even have to put on a fancy dress to attend. Hell, you don’t even need to wear a bra.

My kind of party indeed.

As you likely know, the Oscar Awards air on Sunday, February 24th on ABC. I CANNOT WAIT. Why? Because this year I have an extra tool to use for my (hopefully) witty tweets appearing during the show: the official Oscar App! This app is awesome because not only does it offer me a simple way to keep track of things like nominees (using a second screen for that will be AWESOME!), but it also has a sweet section called “Backstage Pass.”

The Backstage Pass part of the app will allow me to see pics of the stars walking the red carpet (you know, the ones I miss because I’m taking a bathroom break or grabbing a snack  oh, and the app has some great recipe suggestions for Oscar night for those of you people that cook), and I can easily share those pics on Twitter. You’ll also get to follow the winners backstage, which will be seriously fun too perfect for when they go to commercial, I can use the app to follow my favorite winners too.

I’m also going through the nominees and picking my hopes for the winners on the app, which is fun. I’ll get to see how, er, wrong I was on Oscar night.

Best news of all is that the app is totally 100% free, and it’s available for both iOS and Droid phones and tablets.

So, I’ll be seeing you on the 24th, yes? And the winner is….

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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