The Perfect Toy

I spend a great deal of time over thinking every move I make with my kids. The toys I get them are no exception. There are so many out there to choose from.


There are toys that comfortt infants, toys that teach a toddler. Learning, entertaining, amusing. Whatever

Play Mat
Play Mat

your need, there is a toy to assist you. When it was

time for us to buy a mat to lay on the floor, I thought it would be great to have one that had a mirror along with detachable accessories to play with. I looked all over to find just the right one. When I needed to get an exersaucer I studied them for days. I researched them and trecked out to store to see them in person. I wanted one that was perfect for my child. Something he would enjoy spending time in.

After all my over thinking and research I discovered the greatest toy that you can get for a little boy. It was something I learned from my first son and has proven to be true, again, with our second son as well. Christmas, Birthdays or any day. With all of the options my children have, talking dogs, flashing lights, music makers – the BEST indoor toy for a child is NOT the expensive toy. It’s a box. Big box, little box, plastic, wooden, cardboard. Doesn’t matter. – nothing fancy. A plain old box. Outside the best toy, I learned, is a stick. Indoors ? the box rules.  It’s great for the kids imagination.Even better, it’s great for the pocketbook.  Maybe they feel safe when they’re in it. I don’t know. I do know that after all the looking, so far in life, the end all be all best toy ever for little boys is the box.

Check out my boys with their favorite toy.

  • noah-and-jonah-playing-in-box 1 of 7
    I can't believe they both fit in this box. Here are the boys playing together in a box. Please notice all the toys around they are choosing not to play with
  • jonah-and-toys-in-box 2 of 7
    Jonah thought he'd climb in the box with the toys instead of taking them out to play with
  • jonah-and-noah-playing-w-storage-box 3 of 7
    This is one of those storage boxes that has wheels on it to slide under the bed. The boys thought it was more fun to ride in it around the house
  • jonah-at-home-hanging-in-box 4 of 7
    This was on the bus. We just stocked band bus with beer. Jonah found a good use for the box
  • jonah-in-box-at-school 5 of 7
    We went Noahs school and Jonah, of course, found a box to play in while we were there
  • jonah-in-toybox 6 of 7
    The boys took the bins off the toy shelves. Jonah took out toys and climbed in
  • jonah-in-uline-box 7 of 7
    the uline box, just a different day.. We keep boxes until they are torn to bits

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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