The Power of Color Therapy


Every season holds its own charms, this is true. But, as for the long months of winter, time can slow down, inspiration can diminish and despair can set it. Being born, raised and still living in Southern California means that I don’t feel the full effects of the seasons like much of the world does. But, I am acutely aware that around about February, a longing and deep desire for all things Spring begins to take hold and permeates our hopes and dreams.

Although no one can coax Mother Nature to move any faster than at her own pace (gotta love her resolve!) we do have some control over some of the little things that can make the biggest differences in regards to keeping the winter blahs away. The creative use of color in our daily lives can be just the thing to elevate our spirits enough to hold out until the warmer months are upon us and the rest of the world blooms with the colors of the bright and vibrant season of Spring.

As far as I’m concerned, you can never underestimate the power of color therapy. Here’s a few ideas for ways to incorporate more color (and in turn, happiness) into your daily life.

  • Celebrate with color. 1 of 20
    Celebrate with color.
    You don't need a birthday to celebrate. You can claim any day to celebrate yourself and your awesome life with a colorful cupcake or rainbow sherbet. Pass the sprinkles!
  • Wrap yourself up in color. 2 of 20
    Wrap yourself up in color.
    Something as simple as a scarf, a robe, or even a blanket means you can literally wrap yourself up in bright, vibrant color. Cozy and colorful make a great combination!
  • Create your own color. 3 of 20
    Create your own color.
    A splash of color and a touch of whimsy can really elevate your everyday. Find or make a little something you can leave around the house, in the unlikeliest of places. You'll be pleasantly surprised when you happen up your handiwork.
  • Take your color with you. 4 of 20
    Take your color with you.
    Even in the midst of your normal daily routine, taking your favorite color with you can mean you're deliberately trying to color your world and bring your own happy.
  • Accessorize with color. 5 of 20
    Accessorize with color.
    Use color to liven up the dark, traditional colors of the chilly season. Even just a little something can make all the difference.
  • Try a new color. 6 of 20
    Try a new color.
    Something like lipstick or eye shadow in a brand new shade can brighten up your daily routine and broaden your color pallet.
  • Window shop for color. 7 of 20
    Window shop for color.
    You don't have to buy anything; all you've got to do is take in all the color that's around you. Find a store (in person, online or in a catalogue) and "shop" around for the colorful objects of your affection. Perusing all that color will do you good and get your inspired.
  • Carry color. 8 of 20
    Carry color.
    Sift through your old purses and find one that tickles your color fancy. Swapping your winter purse for a spring or summer version will lift your spirits.
  • Play with color. 9 of 20
    Play with color.
    Follow the lead of any kid you know and seek out a toy. Chances are you'll find most of them are fun and colorful. Your inner child will thank you.
  • Be bold with color. 10 of 20
    Be bold with color.
    Maybe you're not a big risk taker but when it comes to color, stepping out boldly can boost your confidence and lift your spirits. Go ahead, make a colorful statement!
  • Step out with color. 11 of 20
    Step out with color.
    When the world outside is gloomy and grey, why not battle back with a colorful alternative. A throw rug or welcome mat in bright, beautiful color can show the world that you're stepping out in style.
  • Make a color splash. 12 of 20
    Make a color splash.
    You might not be able to stop the rain, but you can take it in splashy stride. Colorful rain boots are one of the best ways to challenge the grays of the wet season.
  • Get crafty with color. 13 of 20
    Get crafty with color.
    Got a few extra minutes? Use that time to conjure up some crafty color. Find the punchiest of DIY projects and get creative!
  • Color the details. 14 of 20
    Color the details.
    Remember, you don't have to go color crazy to lift your spirits. Consider including just a small detail or a hidden spot of color somewhere in your daily life. It can be your little secret.
  • Get practical with color. 15 of 20
    Get practical with color.
    Even the most practical of everyday objects can carry a colorful twist. A hot pink toothbrush, a fanciful fruit bowl or a playful hand towel can all bring the kind of color you need to brighten up your life.
  • Paint with color. 16 of 20
    Paint with color.
    Every season is pedicure season. Who cares if no one sees your toes but you; never underestimate the power of a pretty pedi.
  • Pile your plate with color. 17 of 20
    Pile your plate with color.
    Fruits and veggies come is a wide variety of glorious colors. Be sure to create your plates with a bounty of bold colors for both your physical and mental well-being.
  • Choose color. 18 of 20
    Choose color.
    When you're picking up everyday items, make a deliberate choice as to the color you choose. Are you longing for the blue skies of summer? Then be sure you buy something you'll see every day in the blue hue of your choice. The sky might still be gray for a while, but your journal won't be!
  • Display color. 19 of 20
    Display color.
    Our home is where our heart is. Be sure to decorate your home with the kinds of things that make you happiest and let color be a big part of that. Pictures, artwork and accessories that harken bright and colorful days means you're welcoming spring that much more heartily.
  • Let color bloom. 20 of 20
    Let color bloom.
    Buying yourself flowers is probably the most obvious yet by far the most delightful of all things to do, color or no color. Thankfully, most flowers are bursting, quite literally, with just the kind of color we all need more of, especially in the wintertime.

If you’re still not sold, don’t take my word for it. Just take a peek at the “Making My Own Color” video by Xanthe Berkeley. I’m pretty sure you’ll be convinced that color can in fact make you happy! Very very happy.


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