The Price of Coffee at Starbucks and Other Things That Annoy Me

Just no.

So I’ve been in a pretty good mood recently. Not much to complain about, feeling grateful for just about everything in my life. And that’s annoying. People who are just rainbows and sunshine all the time can be fairly boring to me. So lest I become one of those whistle while you work type assholes, I thought I’d take a moment to get in touch with my crankier side.  Here are a list of things that bug me. They may or may not have anything to do with parenting.

Movies that people tell you to go see because they have great Cinematography!

Merchant-Ivory films.

When I get my second grader to school late.

My lack of organization.

People who let their dogs ride in the driver’s seat with them. Dogs are awesome but they belong in the back seat or at least the passenger seat. They should not be driving or near your instrument panel in any way.

Mr. Bean

The words “dipping sauce” used together.

Anyone who calls themselves a foodie.

People who constantly suggest Yoga as a good relaxing technique.


When people leave their infants’ name on their outgoing voice mail message.


People who tell you what their baby is doing or dog is doing when you’re talking to them on the phone.

People who don’t get irony.

Super new agey terms like “inner journey” “inner child” “rebirth” etc.

The fact that Sean is the newest Bachelor in the next Bachelor.

The Price of Coffee at Starbucks.

The fact that they refuse to have flavored coffee at Starbucks.

Any music that is sold in CD form in Pottery Barn

All my kids’ excuses for why they can’t go to bed.

Okay, enough negativity. My next list will be things I love.



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