The Pure, the Good and the Simple Things in Life

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relishing simple happinessI cried about the weather for the first time this year today.  For the past few days it has been dreary, cold and windy here in Indiana and I can only handle so much before I start to question why I live here and not somewhere with constant sunshine and warm sandy beaches. I know it’s only temporary but if your sunshine starved soul has ever been trapped under dreary gray skies for any amount of time you’ll understand where I’m coming from. I feel as though I have been muddling through a great majority of my life the past month and the lack of fresh air and sunshine is starting to wear me down. Thankfully it’s not just me that feels overwhelmed by the gloomy cold, it seems that February and March are  pretty terrible months for a lot of people.

The temptation to hide under the covers and sleep until April is strong lately, but I know it’s not an option. I have both big and little people counting on me to feed them, clean them, entertain them, and love them and I certainly can’t do that from my bed. As I went through the motions of the day there were little moments that stood out to me, taking a warm bubble bath with Vivi, rocking her to sleep, snuggling Addie when she came home from school and hugging my husband when he came home early. While it’s certainly not the literal sunshine my soul desperately longs for, it was enough to keep me afloat through another day. I started thinking about things that make me feel good no matter what the weather is outside, the little things that can get me through a day, a week, a month or an entire season when sunshine is sparse and fresh air is generally frigid. Here are the things in my life that are always good, always simple and always bring me pure happiness no matter what else is going on around me.

  • Naps 1 of 10
    My friend has a quote on her wall that reads "Take a nap, have a snack, try again." Not only is it true for my kids, it's true for me as well. There aren't many things I appreciate more than a good nap, especially if it's on a sunny day with the windows open and a lawnmower running in the distance. A good nap near a window during a rainstorm is second.
  • Warmth 2 of 10
    When winter comes around I appreciate warmth in a whole new way. I've never liked being cold and it's usually around the end of November when I get cold and never seem to warm back up again until springtime. Dry saunas, warm beaches, hot baths or even direct sunlight through a window is one of the best feelings in the cold winter months.
  • My Kids 3 of 10
    My Kids
    I love that Addie adores curling up on the couch under a blanket with me to watch old musicals. I love the way Vivi fits in my lap when I read her books. I love it when either of my girls falls asleep on me, like I'm the safest, most comfortable place in the world for them. Equally as wonderful is how much they love each other.
  • Breakfast 4 of 10
    I love going out to breakfast. While I love having breakfast at home, there's something about going out to breakfast that enchants me. No one gets fussy over breakfast, no one gets dolled up for pancakes. You generally go to breakfast with people you really like at the beginning (or end) of a really amazing day. Breakfast food is never stuffy or harsh, it's always comforting and simple. A good Sunday brunch is only slightly better than breakfast for dinner.
  • My Cats 5 of 10
    My Cats
    I am a cat person if you couldn't tell from my love of naps and sunny spots. My cats are two of the best cats in the world, they love to snuggle but aren't obnoxious about it. Warm fur curled up close to me purring is my most favorite way to relax. I also really like the smell of cat who has been basking in the sun, my sister feels the same way so I don't feel so strange admitting it out loud. Cat people totally get me.
  • A new box of crayons 6 of 10
    A new box of crayons
    Assuming you had a childhood, this one needs no explanation whatsoever. Endless possibilities and the intoxicating smell of a fresh box, perfection.
  • My family 7 of 10
    My family
    The thing I miss most about Utah is eating with my family, specifically at home. There's something so comfortable and familiar about eating the foods I grew up with in the home I grew up in with the people I love the most. I always get the most homesick on holidays that were always spent with my family but am always extra appreciative of any time I get to spend with them during the year.
  • Food 8 of 10
    I love it when my house smells of food, one of the very best things about Sunday is putting something into the crock pot in the morning and coming home from church to a house that smells of dinner. I have also always loved the way my hands smell after I cut potatoes or knead dough. I also love that feeling you get the moment you fulfill an intense craving for a very particular, hard-to-come-by food.
  • Friends 9 of 10
    I love inviting people over my home to feed them, especially when it's cold and dreary outside. There's something calming about being surrounded by people who make me laugh in the place where I am most comfortable that makes me feel so thankful and blessed.
  • My husband 10 of 10
    My husband
    Sorry to gross you out with all the lovey dovey gooshy stuff, but my husband is the most calming presence in my life. The way he smells, the way he hugs and the fact that he's always warm when I'm freezing cold makes him my most favorite person to be around. He makes me laugh, he takes outrageously good care of our family and he's pretty handsome as well.

What is something that brings you peace and comfort no matter what else is going on in your daily life?


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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