The Real Reason Justin Bieber’s Life is a Disappointment

Justin Bieber’s life is a big, hot mess right now, and you don’t even have to watch entertainment news to hear about it. Really. Last night I was getting my elementary school aged son ready for bed, and he threw off the bedtime routine by asking me this question,

Mom, are Justin Bieber’s parents dead?

kidIt took a minute for me to respond, because I knew exactly what he was asking. In his little brain, he was trying to connect the dots between a successful pop star’s life and all of Justin Bieber’s legal troubles as of late. It didn’t make any sense to my son that Bieber could have everything he wanted in the whole world, yet make one horrible decision after another. The only logical explanation my little guy could come up with is that Justin Bieber’s parents MUST be dead, because otherwise he’d be on the biggest timeout in history.

My son has been trying to add it up for days, asking me over and over again why Justin Bieber would drink and drive, ‘Doesn’t he know kids look up to him?’, and ‘Why is he making such bad life choices?’.

Lest you think I’m a terrible parent, letting him watch late night TV and Entertainment Tonight, I’m here to assure you we don’t have TV.  Media is pretty tightly controlled under my reign, including music and Netflix permissions. But kids on playgrounds across America are talking about this stuff. It’s seeping through the doors of my home, permeating our conversations. And frankly, they’re great conversations to have. There’s a lot of talk on our commute to swim practice every day about life choices, and how just because someone is a “legal” adult it doesn’t mean they make great choices.

So let’s get back to the original question, what’s The “Real” Reason Justin Bieber’s Life is a Disappointment? I blame his mother, straight up. My son had it right from the beginning: where ARE Justin Bieber’s parents? There are reports he was out partying with his father one of the nights he was arrested, so there’s that. But what about his mom? The parent who took him on the road, helped him pave the way to success? She deserves a time out of her own for not intervening about 5 years ago, giving him real life consequences instead of trying to be his best friend/mother.

This one’s on you, mama Bieber.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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