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We have had a lot going on in my fair city of Chicago that actually hasn’t been very fair. So much violence, hardship and despair. But I know our city isn’t the only one suffering these days, there are many struggling with the same reality. At the same time, in the midst of all of the dust being kicked up from life’s trials and tribulations, there are also rays of light coming from individuals and groups doing good deeds, inspiring good works, engaging in good behavior. We need to see more attention paid to them. My friend and music producer, Ira Antelis, feels the same way. So we came up with a plan to do just that, reflect upon the good in the World, using his new album Reflections. On March 1st we launched the Reflections Video Contest calling on the community to create a video using the music of Reflections to underscore a video sharing what makes them feel hopeful, passionate, inspired, safe. After all of the videos are appraised by a team of expert judges a winner will be chosen and awarded $1000. How’s that for incentive and motivation? A “people’s choice” video will also be honored during the contest, offering a $100 gift card to the video that achieves the highest number of views by March 23, 2013. Both winners will be announced LIVE at the Reflections Concert in Chicago on March 24, 2013, on the ReflectionsCDSocial youtube channel and the website.

HERE’S WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO (by March 16, 2013):

1. Subscribe to the ReflectionsCDSocial YouTube Channel.
2. Listen to the tracks on the Refelctions CD and choose the song you will build your video from. (You can hear samples of each song on If you don’t already own the music you can purchase and download the album or an individual song from itunes.
3. Make a video with your Reflections CD song and upload it to YouTube by 11:59pm CST, March 16, 2013.
4. Include the words “@ReflectionsCD #ReflectCd Contest” in your video title to track your entry.
5. Attach your video as a video comment response to the Reflections contest announcement video on the ReflectionsCDSocial youtube channel.
6. Fill out the contest entry form on the website.
7. Click the Share Buttons (Like, Tweet, Google+) on the contest page, and on your own social pages, and get your family and friends involved.

Simple right? The hard part is narrowing down the story you want to tell. Here’s some suggestions to get you started.

  • Reflect and Inspire 1 of 12
    Reflect and Inspire
  • Reflect and Collaborate 2 of 12
    Reflect and Collaborate
  • Reflect and Reveal 3 of 12
    Reflect and Reveal
  • Reflect and Challenge 4 of 12
    Reflect and Challenge
  • Reflect and Explore 5 of 12
    Reflect and Explore
  • Reflect and Come Together 6 of 12
    Reflect and Come Together
  • Reflect and Celebrate 7 of 12
    Reflect and Celebrate
  • Reflect and Educate 8 of 12
    Reflect and Educate
  • Reflect and Journey 9 of 12
    Reflect and Journey
  • Reflect and Laugh 10 of 12
    Reflect and Laugh
  • Reflect and Honor 11 of 12
    Reflect and Honor
  • Reflect and Dream 12 of 12
    Reflect and Dream

The person or persons who make the video that best exemplifies the idea of Reflections, as determined by our judging panel, will win $1,000 CASH! So get your REFLECTIONS together and you’ll be sharing them with:

Reflections Video Contest judges pictures Nancy Loo Nikki Woods

Nancy Loo of WGN-TV and Chicagonista Live
Nikki Woods of The Tom Joyner Show
Diane Pomierski of McDonalds
Thomas Clark of Big Lots
Candi Carter of New Chapter Entertainment

If we don’t take the time to look back we are more likely to repeat that which led us astray than we are to appreciate and replicate that which has and could continue to propel us forward. The Reflections Video Contest is designed to inspire participants to slow down and take stock of all that they have available to them, and share those feelings with the World. Let’s make civility go viral!

Will the winner of the $1000 prize be you? You won’t know unless you enter!


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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