The Return of Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Organized: Part Deux

Growing up my mother was somewhat of a clean freak. Even with three of us kids I don’t remember there ever being toys lying around the living room or finding a hardened piece of string cheese under the couch — a regular occurrence at my house.

In my home there is always stuff everywhere and I hate it. Clutter makes me nervous. My kids have so many art supplies, projects and games with little parts that I find myself constantly doing a clean sweep of our play room. This involves going around picking up stray markers and Happy Meal toys and throwing them out. Often I also throw away a couple of plastic gingerbread man game pieces from a second box of Candy Land and a set of glitter pens because I can’t tell which are dried out and which aren’t by just looking at them.  Unfortunately what is obviously crap to one person is not always crap to another and my method has sometimes led to tears (stupid tears waaaay after the fact though so don’t feel bad. If it takes you six months to realize we no longer have Chutes and Ladders then I think you’ll live).

I do want to tell you what has kind of helped a lot with regards to keeping the playroom under control and making it a lot easier to clean without always having to toss it all out. Throw out the baby with the bathwater if you will. It’s all about storage. I got a unit like this one which comes in white as well (I have it in white in my girls’ room)

And then inside it you can put these bins in which you can store dolls, toy musical instruments, Barbies, action figures (Matilda) etc.

And the most genius of all is where I’ve now got all the art supplies designated. Voila!

Just think of all the coloring pages, markers, lanyard string, scissors, yarn, glitter, stickers, clay and other assorted potential messes you can stow away in this bad boy! You’re welcome!

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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