The scAvengers

It’s getting hot here in New York, and not just temperature-wise. The heat of competition descended upon the office this past Tuesday, as we took off in teams of 4 and 5 to scour the streets of Soho for Babble’s first annual Scavenger Hunt and Photo Safari! We searched far and wide for opportunities to pose with policemen, snap pics of people sipping Starbucks coffee, hunt down obscure graffiti, and generally take notice of the city’s details. Then we met up and had a drink that was much-needed after an hour in the sweltering afternoon heat. The team that gathered the most points was awarded a lunch at everyone’s favorite subterranean-boat-themed seafood place, Lure. But the real prize was, of course, having fun with co-workers (and chasing pigeons). — Mandalee, Scavenger Hunt Organizer

  • The Rules 1 of 20
    The Rules
    Teams, chosen at random, followed their own strategies to try to out-smart and out-point the others.
  • Post No Bills 2 of 20
    Post No Bills
    Don't mess with team "Post No Bills."
  • Giraffe 3 of 20
    Team Giraffe towered above others and ended up coming in 3rd place!
  • They didn’t win by a landslide… 4 of 20
    They didn't win by a landslide...
    But Rufus' team went above and beyond the rest with their group slide photo.
  • Dana on the slide 5 of 20
    Dana on the slide
  • Ramon on the slide 6 of 20
    Ramon on the slide
  • Petra on the Slide 7 of 20
    Petra on the Slide
  • Copping a pose 8 of 20
    Copping a pose
    Another popular - though somewhat trickier - scavenger item was posing with a police officer (as Foram, pictured, is doing). Those NYC cops can be a little touchy about photos.
  • Caitlin and Cop 9 of 20
    Caitlin and Cop
    Nevertheless, Babble's persuasive posses managed to get through their defenses.
  • Alie and Cop 10 of 20
    Alie and Cop
  • Jim and Cop 11 of 20
    Jim and Cop
    Jim manages to keep on the good side of the law.
  • Ben’s Pizza 12 of 20
    Ben's Pizza
    The Pizza Man stationed outside iconic neighborhood spot Ben's Pizza provides a nice photo op for Kyle, Reece and Corinne.
  • Jill’s Pizza 13 of 20
    Jill's Pizza
  • Hungry for the Win 14 of 20
    Hungry for the Win
    Jim killed 2 birds with one stone with his Halal (worth 1 point) hot dog (worth another point).
  • Aaron en Rose 15 of 20
    Aaron en Rose
    Aaron takes one for his team and dons a pink wig to score 10 points. It turns out to be a good look for him.
  • Foram and Ramon at Nerve 16 of 20
    Foram and Ramon at Nerve
    One of the scavenger items was taking a photo of a team member inside of another office. Most teams crashed Nerve's new pad (they once shared an office with Babble).
  • Alie at Nerve 17 of 20
    Alie at Nerve
    I think I spot a Nerve CEO Sean Mills back there!
  • Office Spaces 18 of 20
    Office Spaces
    Ramon crashed several offices in our building to score his team more points.
  • That logo looks so familiar…. 19 of 20
    That logo looks so familiar....
    Apparently Dre is a fan of Babble, as Dexter discovered.
  • Our prey 20 of 20
    Our prey
    We found even more things that looked like the Babble logo, some Disney merchandise and several pink and blue-haired ladies in addition to countless squirrels, dogs, Starbucks cups... Team members ended up taking over 400 photos, each one a slice of our big beautiful city here in New York.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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