The Scrapbook as a Gift (And 3 Tips to Create One from a Hobbyist Pro)

We were just in Washington, D.C. for a number of days staying with my son’s godfather in his perfect Meridian Hill condo full of just the perfect amount of perfect things. Once I got over my series of random anxiety attacks regarding the number of white couch ratio to the number of six year olds, I noticed how many really cool art books he had lying around. And then I realized they weren’t art books at all…they were scrapbook photo albums. His partner, who has a fancy job doing something something business something, expends professional amounts of creative energy creating photo scrapbooks of birthday parties, vacations, Tuesdays, whatever.

He gives them to people as birthday gifts, housewarming gifts, and thank you gifts. And it’s super cool.

I asked him how, why, how he does this…and he gave me a few of his tips. Here you go…..

1. Take lots of photos. You’ll only need 15-50 for a scrapbook, but take a lot so you have a lot of choices. This was a pain (and expensive) back in 1982 or whatever, but now it’s breezy. You know you take at least 10 a day just on your phone without even thinking about it.

2. Take lots of B-roll. B-roll just means extra shots that don’t represent the main stuff going on, but the location, the flavor, the extras about what’s happening. The details in the background. A temperature gauge. Someone’s shoes. A sign. A flower. Some backdrop stuff. You know.

3. Actually make the Scrapbook. This is really the key to everything, isn’t it? You have to set aside time to do it. So plan the time. Schedule an evening for yourself a day or two after your special weekend or big event and go online and make one. There are so many great online tools and ways to do it. So do it.

And happy bookmaking!

A big thanks to Wendy’s for sponsoring this campaign. You can use its new scrapbooking app to create a digital scrapbook you can post to Facebook in a few simple steps. So smart. Click here to see more of the discussion.

Portrait from Awkward Family Photos. Obviously.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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