The secret to a clean house? Keep the kids out!


Oh, I kid. Kind of.

Would you like to take a peek at my house?

Of course you would — who doesn’t like a house tour?

Well, come on in!

Here is our foyer. Looks fine, right? Simple and spartan and most of all — organized.

Well, that’s because the kids never use the front door. They use the kitchen door, where the mudroom is. In our house, the mudroom happens to be named correctly — it’s usually full of muddy, stinky, little boy shoes. As it should be, since it is a mudroom, of course.

But I won’t lie — I have to keep the kids out of some rooms in the house in order to maintain my sanity.

I like things to be just so, and kids and their assorted things just don’t lend themselves to that. So the kids stay out of the living room (which, coincidentally, is my favorite room in the house). I mean, they’re allowed to read there, and just generally laze about in there, but they are not allowed to play there. NO TOYS ARE ALLOWED.

This room is our refuge from the chaos and clutter that is par for the course with having three kids under the age of seven.

But the rest of the house? Well, I try to keep it in order — I’m a bit of a neat freak — but keeping up with the kids and their stuff is hard. I need help!

A simple example is the family room. See?

We’re lucky. We have built ins, and they help things look less messy than they really are. They provide tons of storage, but I’m still lacking ways to corral the little toys that spread over all the surfaces of the house.

And you can probably guess what’s behind closed doors.

Yep. Kid’s stuff. In our case, piles and piles of homework and artwork.

I mean, I’d be ashamed if I didn’t know how common this problem is. I can’t possibly be the only one buried under school work … even though it’s July.

But the kicker is the play room. The playroom is crazy messy.

And this is despite the fact that we’ve purchased shelves to help manage all the toys.

But if you look at the shelves, you will notice all the empty spaces — of course, kids are great at taking things off the shelves, but they don’t do so well at putting them back on the shelf.

Clearly we need help.

So of course I said yes when Home Depot offered to help me get organized.

My mission? To get the toy clutter under control — both in and out of the play room.

My plan? Get little baskets to go into the play room shelves so the kids can put toys away themselves. Find creative ways to help the kids carry small toys (like LEGOs) from one room to another. (I already have solutions for the larger LEGO collection, my problem are the little projects that travel from bedroom to playroom to play dates.) And the big one: control the paper work.

Stay tuned to see if I can tame the toy monster!

A big thanks to 
The Home Depot for sponsoring this campaign.

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