The story of a day of family work

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Families get closer when they work together, that’s how simple stuff like washing the car can turn into an exciting and educational experience. We, like most families, work together on many occasions, perhaps more than most thanks to dealing with our special needs.

I’m presently teaching my kids the value of money, so every weekend I give them the opportunity to earn a couple of cents for doing domestic tasks. Last Saturday we washed the car. Actually, they did it while I dedicated myself to taking pictures and guiding them through the process.

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I love seeing them working together and finding solutions to their needs. Sharing stuff and taking turns while using the hose, the sponges and the window cleaner are huge accomplishments for kids and it’s great to see them working as a team.

This is a great age for kids to start taking on household responsibilities. At this point, it’s not about how clean the car looks, but how empowered they feel to do their best, and learn the power of team work. I want my kids to feel able and to discover the pride of working hard to get the things they want and deserve in life.

Many people underestimate the importance of the small things. We forget that the great achievements are earned only after we master simple stuff that we learn in our early years and in our natural environment as children. This is Family Work!

Both of my kids have Down syndrome but I don’t limit their future because of that. I don’t know how far they will get in life, but the most important lesson that I have learned is to not measure their triumphs by comparing them to others, but instead responding to their joy of discovering that they can do lots of things in their own special way.

Washing the car together is more meaningful and has many more teachings than playing with the iPad or spending a whole hour in a therapy session. It teaches them to be creative, to use their minds and their bodies and to develop self-esteem and trust in each other, and in us as a family unit. I really couldn’t ask for more from a family activity.

At the end of the story, I had to wash the car again to actually get it clean, but I don’t regret giving them such priceless time together, learning to believe in themselves and each other just a little bit more.  

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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