The Supreme Court Gave Rights and Took Them Away

Score two for love, deduct one for civil rights. Over the course of twenty four hours the United States Supreme Court gave rights and took them away. They set the clock back on civil rights to 1965 and took us forward to the present with gay rights.

I have to admit it was a smart PR move because by rendering the strike to civil rights before granting the rights to the LGBT community they caught people only in the beginning stages of shock and disappointment. The DOMA strike handed America a cookie to soothe, and ultimately help them forget about their Voting pain. It would be brilliant if it weren’t so sad, and it wouldn’t be so sad if it weren’t so successful. I get it. We all want to feel a win. The alternative is so depressing. But the only way we are going to win this collective civil rights war, (and yes I do think it is a war), is to feel the losses. We need to feel them and then we need to fight, because we aren’t there yet. Without Civil Rights none of us are really equal. How do I know? Well, while people we’re focused on the DOMA case here’s a sampling of what has been going on in our country.

  • Texas Attorney General Enacts Controversial Voter Id Law 2 Hours After Supreme Court Guts 1965 Voting Rights Act 1 of 10

    Two hours after the Supreme Court struck down parts of the Voting Rights Act Texas enacted new Voter ID laws. How could they move so fast? Because these laws were previously on the table but were stopped by the Justice Department Last Fall. With these new laws Texas will soon have the most stringent voting requirement in the nation and it will make it impossible for some people to vote because tehy don't presently have an acceptable Photo ID. You won't be able to use your student ID, but you can use your Concealed Carry gun license.

  • An Ohio School Tries to Ban “Afro-Puffs” and “Twisted Braids” 2 of 10

    Ohio school Horizon Science Academy in Lorian sent out a letter to students and their families detailing new dress code bans including the ban of "Afro-Puffs" and "Small Twisted Braids". Immediately the hair started to fly. The school backed off claiming the letter was just a draft and the ban was not in fact going to happen. They apologized for the attempt, but for many it's not enough that the ban didn't come to fruition, it's that the school ever considered it in the first place.

  • Paula Deen Gives a Deposition That Exposes Her Racism 3 of 10

    You have probably already heard about the Paula Deen controversy, but do you really understand what it is about? If you said the "N-Word" then you would be wrong. Paula Deen gave a deposition that exposed her secret family recipe and it didn't smell good to the public.Her brand isn't crumbling just because of when and where she may have used the N-Word, it's crumbling because of what the audience believes is at Paula Deen's core.

  • Scottie Pippen is Spit On and Called the N-Word While Holding His 4 Year Old Daughter 4 of 10

    NBA Hall of Famer Scottie Pippen was out in Malibu having dinner with his family at the trendy sushi restaurant Nobu. A fan took pictures of them throughout their meal and followed them to the parking lot after they finished. Words were exchanged, but it was one word that everyone will remember. The intoxicated fan called Scottie Pippen the N-Word and Spit on him while Scottie was holding his 4 year old Daughter. The scene ended with the fan in an ambulance and Scottie Pippen voluntarily at the police station answering questions. Reading this story I couldn't help but think of my own father, a former Harlem Globetrotter, and the venom he experienced traveling the World. This picture of him holding my younger sister reminds me of just how vulnerable Scottie Pippen must have felt that evening with his family.

  • Sebastian De La Cruz Sings the National Anthem at NBA Finals Game but Fan Tweets Are Off Key 5 of 10

    An 11 year old aspiring Mariachi singer Sebastian De La Cruz got his big break on America's Got Talent. Because of that success the Antonio Spurs invited him to sing the National Anthem at game 3 of the NBA finals. It should have been a beautiful milestone in his young life, but instead it turned ugly. Fans, under the cover of social media, unleashed a barrage of hateful tweets and posts challenging Sebastian's citizenship and disparaging his ethnicity, costume and age. There was nothing patriotic about their response.

  • Trayvon Martin Witness Rachel Jeantel Testifies Her Truth Which Inspires Truly Racist Commentary 6 of 10

    The death of Trayvon Martin was arguably the most racially polarizing event of 2012. The murder trial of his accused killer George Zimmerman began this week and the prosecutions' star witness is Martin's good friend, and the last person to speak to him alive, Rachel Jeantel. From the moment she took the stand Ms Jeantel became the but of joke after joke, the center of hateful diatribe and ultimately a victim herself all for doing her civic duty of testifying in a trial seeking justice.

  • An Interracial Cheerios Ad Inspired Racist Comments That Robbed Viewers Of More Than Their Appetites 7 of 10

    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and the recent Cheerios commercial for the breakfast cereal may by the most important ad we have seen this decade. It had all of the ingredients you would want, cute kid, happy family, a little humor and a lot of love. But for many audience members instead of being heart healthy this ad hardened their hearts and produced venomous comments on the youtube page of the commercial. Why? Because the mother was white, thee father was black, and the child was a product of their union. A union just like the one that produced me. 

  • 50 Chicago Public Schools Are Closed Disenfranchising Thousands of Children In Predominantly Minority Communities 8 of 10

    This past school year in Chicago has been tumultuous. It started with a strike and ended with mass closings and huge budget cuts. Parents have marched, pleaded, staged sit-ins, testified, all to no avail. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel was unmoved. He made a historic move closing the largest number of schools in the history of public education in the United States, 50. And where are these schools? They are in the South and West Side neighborhoods of Chicago. In other words they are in communities dominated almost exclusively by mid to low income Black and Latino families. And TIFF money he could spend on schools he is instead spending on a new stadium for DePaul University. 55 million dollars. Just a coincidence or racism?

  • The Supreme Court Gave Rights and Took Them Away 9 of 10
  • New Item 10 10 of 10

What do you think is the next step for our country on our continued journey towards equality?


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