The Sweetness of Little Boys

Lately, I’ve been bowled over by the sweetness of little boys (a nice distraction from all the more worrisome things going on in the world).  I’ve never lived with a three year old girl, so I can’t say if the same sort of sweet things are going on in their houses, but I’d guess that they’ve got their own adorable habits.  Little boys?  The sweetness makes my teeth ache.

This morning, I got to help out with a St. Patrick’s Day art project at Axel’s school, and found myself surrounded by mama’s boys.  One little boy wrote his own name on his artwork – then he wrote his mom’s name, because he loves her so much.  Another little boy told me he’d made three projects for his mom, because she was on a business trip for a million hours and he misses her.  A third one handed me a construction paper book he’d made, and told me it was for me.

(The above started out as a sweet hug, but turned into a wrestling match.  I can’t seem to capture hugs on film.)

Since that kid wasn’t Axel, I encouraged him to save it to show to his own mother who, presumably, would hold onto it a little longer than I would.  I’m a pretty ruthless recycler of my own children’s artwork, let alone the masterpieces of other people’s kids.  Despite the lovely gesture, it wouldnt’ve lasted a day on our already cluttered fridge.

Then, the boys (and girls) started to shout out the names of the teachers they loved the most.  It was a total love fest.  It’s not all the Bad Guys Game and playing pirates.

At home tonight, Jonas played HugORama, a game which consists of running full speed ahead, throwing himself into one parents’ arms, and then turning around and sprinting at the other parent.  Repeat, repeat, giggle, fall down, and then, eventually, breakdown – he had a short nap, so by 6:15 pm, after the suggestion that he put on a fleece for a walk with the dog, he turned into an exhausted, blubbering mess.

Axel tried to rub his sobbing brother’s back and give him a hug, and said, “What’s wrong?  Honey, it’s OK.”

When I worked at a childcare center, my boss used to say, “The pay’s not good, but the hugs are great.”

Those hugs make it all worth it.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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