The Triplets Are Repeating Each Other. You Copy?

We've got some copy cats at our house.

We’ve reached a reasonably annoying stage here at the Osborne house. The repeating stage. You copy?

You better not. Copy, that is. Because if you do, I’ll send your ass to time out just like I did the triplets.

So lemme backup a bit and provide a little context. The triplets just turned five and I don’t know if it’s their ever expanding vocabulary or what, but it seems they’ve taken to copying each other. One of them will say something, then one of the other two will say the exact same thing, intonations and all.

So, first, they’re pretty damn good at it, the whole intonation bit being a particularly nice touch. But second, such mimicking is invariably met by the following:

Stop copying me.

So this is the point where I say “[Insert copied triplet’s name here], just ignore him/her and he/she won’t be able to copy you.”

“Yeah,” the offended triplet will say, the defiant tone brought to you courtesy of parental support. “I’m just not gonna say ANYthing.”

“Yeah,” the echo will repeat, “I’m just not gonna say ANYthing.”

This, of course, is followed by a DEFCON ONE meltdown which often involves objects-turned projectiles and always ends up in multiple and concurrent (though separately enforced) timeouts.

So, there are several things about this copying phenomenon that I don’t get. First, whoever is actually doing the copying, along with the observing triplet, finds the copying schtick to be the very epitome of hilarity.

And I gotta tell you, it’s just not that funny.

But second, the offended triplet acts as if he or she has just been dealt the very most grave of injustices as if their entire future has been undermined by this heinous and callous act, this heinous and callous act.

And the third thing I don’t get? How come I don’t remember the repeating stage from raising Alli? Especially because witnessing the triplets copy each other has actually reminded me that my friends and I used to copy each other back in the day.

Isn’t that funny? No. Not copying. But when your child / children remind you of something about yourself which you would have never ever remembered?

So, yeah, I remember the whole copying bit. Part insult, part comedy act, it never failed to draw a reaction. From a teacher, that is. As in a “why don’t you go sit in the corner” kinda reaction.

Which, I’ve decided, is why I don’t remember the repeating phase all that much with Alli. Sure, I bet she did it, but she was an only child when she traipsed through this phase which means that any repeating she did would have likely been done at school. You know, where there were actually kids her age to mimic. And where there were teachers — not parents — to witness.

But the triplets don’t have to wait for school to get their parrot on. They can do it right there in the privacy and comfort of their own living room.

Or kitchen.

Or bedroom.

Or bathroom.

Or parent’s car.

The possibilities are endless, folks. As is the misery that accompanies a household of high-pitched copy cats. It’s like enduring one of those bad music classes where the annoying teacher divides the room in three sections and makes everyone sing Row Row Row Your Boat in the round.

Without music, of course. And without those specific words. But still, very similar. Sort of.

Anyway, I’m not sure what to do about this whole deal, aside, I suppose, from enforcing punishment when it gets out of control and waiting patiently for it to pass.

Though it’s virtually impossible to imaging now, I’m sure that one day I’ll actually miss it.

Okay, that’s bullshit. I won’t miss it. Not even for a second. I just don’t wanna come off as ungrateful.

After all, it’s quite a blessing we’ve been dealt. No. Not the repeating.

The fact that we have the opportunity to raise three same-aged children at once. And if (part of) the price to pay is a little bit of echoing?

So be it.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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