The Trouble With Remodeling

When we decided to remodel our house there were a few things that people kept telling me: It would be twice as expensive as you think. It will take twice as long as you think. It will be hard on your marriage.

None of these things made any sense to me, except the taking longer than I thought. I just tacked two weeks on the of our time budget and thought that would do the trick.


Ha ha!


Now, I fully admit that a big part of it was our fault. We took an extra week interviewing contractors. We gave everyone an extra week to turn their bids in when the derecho hit D.C.

I feel like I should put THE DERECHO all in caps or call it el derecho and italicize it. Is that weird? Probably. Whatever. It is my post and I will adjust the font as I see fit.

So we started the whole process three weeks late fully understanding that our original plan of having the kitchen done (and the family room, and the laundry room, and the two bedrooms we were making out of that one big bedroom, and the new bathroom, and all the new flooring, and walls, and those two new windows, and the new window well – thanks a lot fire code, and the new electrical panel – again code) by the time the kids went back to school in September was nothing but a pipe dream. We knew it would be at least mid-October before we could live there again and probably closer to Halloween.

So, it is October 25th and, um… we’re not quite there yet.

In reality, it isn’t a huge deal. We are living with my in-laws and they have plenty of room for us. Sure, I am commuting the kids back and forth everyday and it is tough not being home, but we can deal with that.

But then there are other things. For example, I agreed to do some posts about flooring. I don’t even have flooring in 2/3 of my house. Then some of my floors are completely covered to protect the new porcelain tile. Then we have the gross 1980s carpet left in my bedroom and the hardwood that they will be refinishing. You know, at some point.

So yesterday I had the distinct first world inconvenience of having to ask the guys who were painting my hallway and putting in a window if they minded if I uncovered the tile in the front hallway so that I could put down a rug and take some pictures because I was doing some work for Home Deopt.

I know they thought I had lost my mind.

Fortunately, they not only had no problem with it. These guys pulled up the covering for me, helped me unroll the 5′ x 7′ rug and tried to smooth out the bumps. Then I took some quick pictures and they helped me roll it back up and they put the covering back. The entire process took about seven  minutes, and they didn’t give me any grief. They were totally charming about it.

I will never make fun of their music on twitter again.


The bad part was that the tile has been covered for a while and I hadn’t really looked at it in the light that my entryway throws.

I don’t like the color I chose. No problem! The Home Depot will totally let me trade it out for a brighter color.

The good news is that I bought two rugs, and this second one I adore.

This is the upstairs bedroom hallway. This is the only part of my house that isn’t being redone, but bonus! Now it feels like it has been redone.

Pretty, isn’t it?



* * *

A big thanks to The Home Depot for sponsoring this campaign. Click here to see more of the discussion.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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