20 Products To Jazz Up Your Bike

bikesI read a fascinating study this morning explaining that children who bike or walk to school have a far greater ability to concentrate. I mean, it makes sense. Exercise is sort of the answer to everything, right? (I’m saying this begrudgingly, as I have very little motivation to utilize my yoga pants for anything other than curling up on the sofa with a great book.) Yet then I discovered how few children actually bike to school. And how one school even banned bikes. It’s disheartening to see, especially when you consider that cars, the desired mode of transportation, are far more dangerous than bikes.

So in an effort to jump-start my own biking adventures just in time for National Bike Month in May, I’m sharing a few of my favorite biking goodies for young and old. After all, if a polka dotted helmet doesn’t inspire my family to get off the couch, what will? Enjoy!:

  • Six-Pack Bike Bag 1 of 20
    Six-Pack Bike Bag
    Headed to an outdoor concert or last-minute cookout? Strap on the 6-pack bike bag and exercise those girl scout preparation skills. Available for $91 at Charles & Marie.
  • Bike Helmet & Cover 2 of 20
    Bike Helmet & Cover
    Safe and stylish, this bike helmet arrives with a classy cover for the trendy tot. Available for $87 at Finnish Design Shop.
  • Bike Horn 3 of 20
    Bike Horn
    Those cab drivers will never know what hit 'em when you honk your handy retro-inspired bike horn. Available for $7.06 at Amazon.
  • Bicycle Basket 4 of 20
    Bicycle Basket
    Has there ever existed a more stylish bike basket? Available for $79 at Amazon.
  • Braided Bike Lock 5 of 20
    Braided Bike Lock
    Keep your ride secure with a one-of-a-kind braided bike lock. Available for $59 via Better Living Through Design.
  • Walking Bike 6 of 20
    Walking Bike
    No pedals, no problem. Available for $315 at Amazon.
  • Bicycle Wine Rack 7 of 20
    Bicycle Wine Rack
    For evening dinner parties, arrive with a fully-stocked bike wine rack. Available for $34 at Oopsmark.
  • Biking Skirt 8 of 20
    Biking Skirt
    Ladies, headed to work on your bike? Iva Jean's pencil skirt offers a secret zipper for a roomier biking experience. Genius! Available for $160 at Iva Jean.
  • Bike Bell 9 of 20
    Bike Bell
    Because what is a bike without the bell? Available for $7.99 at Amazon.
  • Retro Bike 10 of 20
    Retro Bike
    A fan favorite, Public bikes are perfectly vintage-inspired. Available for $850 at Public.
  • Vento Kids Caddy 11 of 20
    Vento Kids Caddy
    Tote your kid in style with this Swiss-inspired caddy. Available for $184 at Leggero.
  • Everyday Bike Bag 12 of 20
    Everyday Bike Bag
    Whether you're headed to the grocery or coffee shop, stash your goods with this functional (and beautiful!) everyday bike bag. Available for $80 at Public.
  • Bike Stickers 13 of 20
    Bike Stickers
    Bribes (err, stickers) are the perfect way to get your little to ditch those training wheels. Available for $5.99 at Perpetual Kid.
  • Wooden Tricycle 14 of 20
    Wooden Tricycle
    As adorable as it is classic, introduce your toddler to biking in this beauty. Available for $206 at Smallable.
  • Family Bike 15 of 20
    Family Bike
    The ultimate luxury for family biking. Available for $1550 at Madsen Cycles.
  • Polka Dot Helmet 16 of 20
    Polka Dot Helmet
    Who doesn't need a polka dot helmet? Available for $39 at Kiddimoto.
  • Bike Tattoo 17 of 20
    Bike Tattoo
    Celebrate your love for biking with a rad tattoo (temporary, of course!). Available for $5 at Tattly.
  • Bike Plaque 18 of 20
    Bike Plaque
    For the enthusiast mourning the loss of his now defunct ride, I present the bike taxidermy plaque. Available for $77 at Bicycle Taxidermy.
  • Rent-A-Bike 19 of 20
    Need a bike for a last-minute adventure? Rent it! Available from $12 per day at Spinlister.
  • Chalktrail 20 of 20
    Watch in wonder and awe as Chalktrail transforms the pavement behind you as you bike through the neighborhood. Available for $19.95 at Fat Brain Toys.

p.s. What NPR has to say about biking to school. Plus, the walking school bus movement!

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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