The Video Files: Three Months in Three Minutes

Back in the day we had a Hi8 video camera when I was pregnant with Addie, one would think that it would be filled with charming video of my little pregnant belly and witty banter back and forth between Cody and me as we prepared to become parents.

Nope, about half the video we have is Cody chasing the cats around from room to room. Cody seems to have no concept of time when it comes to video. We have 45 straight minutes of Addie opening presents on Christmas morning, we have at least 20 minutes of Vivi’s sleeping face, and yes, we have lots of the cats. No one wants to watch 45 minutes of present opening. (Well, when Cody and I are old and our kids are moved out and we’re all alone we may want to, BUT UNTIL THEN, no one.)

With advances in movie editing (meaning anyone can do it!) and digital video files, it’s easy to keep the 45 minutes for that one long lonely night in the future but edit out the completely boring parts and keep the best bits to show friends and family. Upon unloading our Sony Handycam I realized we have about two hours of Vivi walking around, dancing, and just being Vivi. While I could watch it all day because SHE WAS JUST LITTLE, I’m pretty sure the rest of the world could care less.

So I edited the two hours down to three and a half minutes. A little dancing, a little clapping, a little spinning, a little noodle slurping and a lot of what it’s been like to live with Vivi for the last three months. Easy to watch, not quite as boring as endless baby footage and you guys? My baby, she sure is cute. In case you can’t tell, we keep our video camera charged and at the ready in our living room which is where most of the action happens. No need to pack it away when Vivi’s dancing up a storm on a daily basis.



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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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