The Weird Stuff We Love About Our Kids

My daughter, Sabrina, has stinky feet. The smell is like sour popcorn and so potent that it lingers long after she’s left a room. When I get home from work and her sneakers are lying by the door, I am greeted with a whiff of stinky feet.

I love it.

To me, Sabrina’s smelly feet are uniquely her, like her crooked front two teeth and the way she says “Do you renember?” instead of “remember.” Odor-control spray helps (I am fully aware others won’t find the smell charming) but by the evening, her feet stink once again. We have this little ritual: When she comes in from playing and asks me to pull off her sneakers I’ll scrunch up my nose and exclaim, “Wow! You have some stinky feet!” and she’ll laugh and says “I know!” They are the scent of tomboy-girl and childhood. Her brother’s feet have no noticeable scent. Hers are Eau de Sabrina.

I have been known, as I’ve picked up sneakers she’s flung onto the living room floor, to inhale.

When you have kids, you devour them with all of your senses: your sight, smell, taste, hearing, touch. You ‘re mesmerized by the ways their bodies and brains work. You revel in their quirks, foul feet and all. Check out the admittedly odd things these moms adore about their kids, then share: What strange stuff do you love about your little darlings?

  • I love my kid’s boogers 1 of 13
    I love my kid's boogers
    "My youngest has a constant stuffy nose, like every single day of every single year. I'm a tad embarrassed to admit this, but picking his nose is way too much fun for me. I dread the day when he discovers that he is able to wipe or pick his own. Gross, I know, but true."
    — Jill Smokler, Scary Mommy

  • I love how my six-year-old multitasks 2 of 13
    I love how my six-year-old multitasks
    "Abby will start brushing her teeth then walk around the house doing things like throwing her clothes into the laundry room or putting her library book in her backpack—all with a mouthful of foam. She's so cute with her multitasking, which she learned from me, as my husband's pointed out!"
    — Erin Margolin, The Road To My Writer Roots

    Image/Larry Page
  • I love that my kid thinks he’s a Beatle 3 of 13
    I love that my kid thinks he's a Beatle
    "To get my son to do anything in the morning, I have to frame everything in terms of what John Lennon (me) would ask Paul McCartney (him) to do. It's a little crazy. Like, ‘Paul, can you please eat your English Muffin? We have a big day coming up in the studio and I'd hate for you to be too tired for "Hello, Goodbye."' If this sounds exhausting, that's because it is, but I weirdly love it."
    — Mira Jacob, Masala Mama

    Image/Badgreeb Records
  • I love my daughter’s burps 4 of 13
    I love my daughter's burps
    "My pink-loving, super-feminine daughter can go burp-for-burp and fart-for-fart with my son. I tell her that it's incredibly gross. But between me and the Internet, it makes me smile."
    — Amy Oztan, Selfish Mom

    Image/Emery Co Photo
  • I love my son’s earlobe obsession 5 of 13
    I love my son's earlobe obsession
    "My four-year-old likes to fondle my earlobes. That word seriously makes me cringe but it is the only way to describe how, while snuggling in my lap, he will reach up and gently grab a lobe, then hang on until he falls asleep. It is just so sweet. This is an improvement over a few years ago, when he would clutch my ENTIRE ear in his fist and try to fold it in half."
    — Catherine Holecko, Mayberry Mom

    Image/Vivian Chen
  • I love my kid’s bad punctuation 6 of 13
    I love my kid's bad punctuation
    "My 10-year-old misplaces commas. Like when he writes me a note, instead of ‘Dear Mom' he'll write ‘Dear, Mom.' I find it en,dearing."
    — Marinka, Motherhood In NYC

  • I love the buck teeth 7 of 13
    I love the buck teeth
    "My daughter has a massive overbite and she tries to smile with her mouth closed but then she forgets and cracks up and there they are, big buck teeth. That's when I know she's really happy. Yes, I will get her braces but I will miss that smile."
    — Stephanie Dolgoff, Formerly Hot

  • I love how freaky faces wig my son out 8 of 13
    I love how freaky faces wig my son out
    "My younger son used to be scared to death of a plastic green bowling pin that had a face painted on it. He liked all the other pins in the set, but every time he saw that one, he'd scream in terror. I had to hide it in a storage box in the basement. I didn't love that he had that fear, but I loved how freely he expressed it. Even as I shushed and comforted him, I knew I'd look back with fondness on these unselfconscious days once he becomes too cool to jump into my lap."
    — Jean, Stimeyland

  • I love her body heat 9 of 13
    I love her body heat
    "My daughter was born with a radiator inside of her body, and when she sleeps, no matter how lightly she dresses, she sweats like a maniac. Every night when I go in to kiss her goodnight, her hair is all curled up in ringlets around her face because she is so warm. It makes my heart skip a beat every single time."
    — Amy Hatch, Chambana Moms

    image/Andrew Stawarz
  • I love how he arranges his toys 10 of 13
    I love how he arranges his toys
    "My son proudly lines up possessions on top of the radiator in his room. The things he loves: a guitar trinket I brought back from a trip to Nashville, snow globes from trips we have taken, and foreign currency. He's nostalgic and sentimental, like his mom."
    — Holly Rosen Fink, Culture Mom

  • I love how my girls think they’re Siamese twins 11 of 13
    I love how my girls think they're Siamese twins
    "My daughters, identical twins, have this way of ending up smushed together on the couch no matter how far apart they start. Usually it gets bizarrely quiet and I'll go to check on them only to find them looking like a two-headed monster, with one's head on the other's shoulder and both reading the same book at once. I don't even know how they're physically able to contort their bodies like that!"
    — Rebecca Levey, Beccarama

  • I love the kooky outfits! 12 of 13
    I love the kooky outfits!
    "I used to worry that my daughter would be mocked because of her disability. But the crazy outfits she wears — that she thinks are fabulous! — show that she doesn't give a rip what anyone else thinks. Love that!"
    — Andi Sligh, Bringing The Sunshine

    Image/Bringing The Sunshine
  • I love the bedtime delay tactics 13 of 13
    I love the bedtime delay tactics
    "The minute I tell my son it's time to start getting ready for bed I am bombarded with whiny pleas—he is hungry, thirsty, not tired, needs to go to the bathroom, etc. As a kid, I used to do the very same thing, and I know that one day he will choose his own bedtime, get his own drink when he is thirsty, and make a snack for himself. I cherish this often-frustrating motherhood moment."
    — Cassie Boorn,


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