There’s Something About…Donkeys?

Is there such a thing as a donkey fetish? Wait – don’t answer that. Googling it now.

Hm. That was….strange. And not nearly as scary as I anticipated. (Go do it later, after you read this post.)

But there is something…randy…about donkeys, right? Or maybe I’m just thinking of the movie Bachelor Party? I remember a donkey being involved.

Anyhoo. Yeah. So. the girls seem to have this special place in their hearts for donkeys.

It’s not a new phenomenon; a couple of Christmases ago, Elsa actually asked for a donkey for Christmas (Clio wanted a frog and a horse) and I got them Schleich figurines of each. Elsa’s also got a horse beanbag doll which she refers to as a donkey.

And NOW, the girls both say they want “plastic bouncy donkeys with spots” for Christmas. I think they’re referring to those Rody inflatable ride-on horses. Which they’re too big for. Not that telling them this dampens their desire in the least. Desire for donkeys is a powerful thing.

And — wait, there’s more! — they want to play Pin the Tail on the Donkey and have a donkey piñata at their birthday this year. Both completely acceptable (and sort of retro charming) birthday party possibilities. But both of which sort of beg the question: what’s the deal with donkeys and party games? Is there some kind of deep-seated psychological association between donkeys and good times? Is it because parties are a socially acceptable time to behave like an ass?

What’s weird about all of this is that it’s not like the girls have ever seen a donkey. Well, actually, once they did, at a farm, and they were totally uninterested. “Look girls!” I told them, “It’s a donkey! You love donkeys!” and they were like “Yeah, whatever. Can we go on the hay ride?”

All of which suggests that the idealized, fantasy version of the donkey is far more appealing than the reality. (Like any good fetish. Right?)

Please tell me (or just bray) if you think I should be concerned.


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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