These Vintage Photos of Children Creep Me Out

Somehow I stumbled into the Daguerreotypes photo section at the Library of Congress website the other day. I love the mystery and depth of vintage photos like this. Somehow, they’re amazing when the subject of the portrait is, say, an old cowboy or Civil War soldier.

But when it’s a photo of a child? Downright creepy. Like, that-kid-is-peering-into-my-very-soul creepy. Perhaps it’s the somber gaze. Or perhaps a lifetime of horror movies with kids in Victorian clothing has condition me to be afraid. But what is up with the penetrating stare? Was there a rule against smiling? Why do these children look like they want to hurt me?

Some examples, just because I don’t like to be alone in my terror:

1. The Sisters of Doom



2. Little Miss Nightmare



3. The Two Scowlies and Their Less-Frightening Older Sister



4. Floating Baby Dead-Eyes



5. Little Johnny No-Soul



6. The Deathly Bible Toters



Children in daguerreotypes: Are they only disturbing or are they the most horrifying thing you’ll see today?

Article Posted 2 years Ago

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