“They Don’t Mummify Cats For Fun, Right?” Conversations With My Daughter

My husband and my daughter back when we used to have warmth and sun in Philly.
My husband and my daughter back when we used to have warmth and sun in Philly.

One of the weirdest things about parenting for me has been watching my husband have a relationship with my daughter. I think that might seem odd, but I didn’t live with my father at all as a kid, and seeing the way he loves her and she loves him back both hurts and heals me.

My husband and I have different roles with our daughter to some extent. I’m the relaxed parent that lets her try new stuff, and he’s the worrier that demands she slow down and be careful. I’m the one that gets silly and does wrestling and tickling, and he’s the one that sits and draws with her.

But one of the most special moments they have is on the daily drive into school. We live about 30 minutes from her school, and sometimes traffic can be bad. He’s better at mornings than I am, so he usually does the driving. They have the most amusing conversations in the car, and he began collecting them and sharing them on Facebook (ah, writers: no moment of childhood unchronicled).

Here a few of my favorites conversations. Prepare to giggle.

7YO: Daddy, did the Egyptians mummify cats?

Me: Yes. Sometimes. If the cat belonged to someone important.

7YO: But not just for fun, right?


7YO: Daddy, gimme your phone, I wanna prank call someone.

Me: Umm. No. They’ll know who was calling.

7YO: They will?

Me: Yeh, phones today tell people who’s calling, and they save the number.

7YO: Oh. *sigh of disappointment*

Me: But if we’re lucky, maybe we can find a pay phone.

7YO: Oh, can we?!

Me: Sure.

7YO: Daddy?

Me: Yes bunny.

7YO: Is that what they mean by ‘old school’?

Me: Yes. Yes it is.


6YO: Mommy, I saw a Pomeranian that looks just like Boo!

Mom: [silence]

Me: I don’t think she heard you, I’ll tell her.

6YO: NO, DADDY! I want to tell her in an EXCITED way!

Me: Don’t you think I’ll tell her in an excited way?

6YO: NO. You don’t say ANYTHING in an excited way.


7YO: Daddy who was the smallest person ever?

Me: I think her name was Lucia. She was about a foot and a half tall and worked

in what was called a Freak Show.

7YO: What’s a Freak Show?

Me: It was like a circus. Sometimes people were very mean to those who looked

different, and the Freak Show was the only place that people who were physically

unusual could find steady work.

7YO: Oh. But people shouldn’t be mean to them. They’re very lucky to be

different. They’re special.


7YO: Dad, why is that old lady dressed like a teenager?

Me: Someone probably told her she looked good in that style when she was


7YO: So she still dresses that way, even tho she’s old?

Me: Yep. Do you know what “self deception” means?

7YO: No.

Me: It’s when people lie to themselves. Like when Daddy dyes his beard brown. I

know it’s really grey, but when I look in the mirror I can pretend I’m young.

7YO: Why?

Me: Because growing old makes some people sad, so we b.s. ourselves a


7YO: I’m not going to do that. I’m just going to wear horse-riding clothes my whole



My family. I think I’ll keep ’em.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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