10 Things I’ve Learned Since Losing 10 Pounds

I turned 30 this year and on the first day of my third decade I realized that I was in a whole new age group. I was fresh and new in the over thirty crowd and suddenly I felt this giant weight fall off my shoulders. No longer did I have to be in the same age group as sorority girls and pop stars, suddenly I was in the age group of women who are eligible to run for president and women who do very grown up things like drop off dry cleaning and make dinner reservations. Yes, twenty year old girls have dry cleaning and and fancy dinners as well, but society tells us that twenty is basically the same as being a teenager who can legally drink.

If forty is the new thirty and thirty the new twenty, clearly twenty is the new boozier teens.

I woke up the morning after my birthday, comfortable in my 30 year old body, thankful it has carried me and my two babies through the last three decades. Imagine if your car suddenly gave birth to two perfect little cars. Would you really be mad that your car ended up with a few bumps and scratches in the process of giving you new cars? So maybe that’s a horrible analogy, but for the first time in my entire life I am content with everything on the inside of me and it feels wonderful. When I decided to do a little upgrade to the outside by losing a few pounds, I learned a lot more about my own self image, things I don’t think I ever would have realized had I not fixed my insides first.

  • Who cares if you see a roll? I’m happy! 1 of 10
    Who cares if you see a roll? I'm happy!
    If you hate the way you look in pictures, chances are it has a lot more to do with how you feel on the inside than what you see on the outside. I have pictures of me at my thinnest and I'm downright miserable in them. I have more recent photos of me 40 pounds heavier, super soft in places but so happy my insides are nearly bursting with joy. When we look at photos of ourselves we don't just see what we look like in that moment, we see everything about ourselves at that moment, our successes, our failures, our happiness and our despair. If you hate photos of yourself? Chances are it's more than just your hair or weight that's making you feel that way.
  • Current reality (10 lbs. ago) 2 of 10
    Current reality (10 lbs. ago)
    If you're really comfortable with yourself, you'll realize "Hey! I'm not doing so bad!" as soon as you set out to lose weight. I have feared really looking at myself objectively in a mirror for months, surely I was rotund and grotesque in places. When I finally stripped down to my skivvies and took some obligatory before photos? I realized I'm not rotund or even the slightest bit grotesque. It's kind of like that moment you're fed up with your hair so you make an appointment to chop it all off and dye it red, the day before your appointment actually arrives? That's the day you have a really good hair day and wonder why you hated it so much you wanted to cut it all off in the first place.
  • This dress hasn’t fit for 2 years! 3 of 10
    This dress hasn't fit for 2 years!
    Scales are stupid. I am 5'2" and at the start of this whole thing I weighed 151 pounds, I have pretty substantial boobs, a generous behind and all those guts and bones inside me taking up space. So many times when we hear our own weight we picture ourselves as 151 pounds of lard, when in reality we've got a whole lot of stuff inside of us that adds up to an awful lot. (After all, the human head does weigh eight pounds.) Truth is there couldn't possibly be more than 20 pounds I could safely lose, I need those other 130 pounds for what they hold, like my skin, muscles, hair, and yes, my boobs.
  • Nice to meet you hips! 4 of 10
    Nice to meet you hips!
    Lose all you want, but if a baby has seriously spread your hips you're never getting back into your skinny jeans. My hips were ready for Addie, however Vivi must have come out sideways because damn, my hips are hippy. Even if I do get down to the same weight I was before babies, my bones have forever changed. Even my ribs shifted after Vivi spend a good five months shoved up underneath them. It's no big deal, and besides, just makes it easier to get the next one out.
  • What crazy eye? 5 of 10
    What crazy eye?
    You are the only person whose eyes go straight to your flaws in a photo. If you took a photo of me right now I'd look first for my lazy eye, second for my double chin and third for my poochy belly. No one else ALIVE would look for those three things first in a photo of me, they'd look at my face and if they really knew me than they'd know just how happy (or unhappy) I was in the photo. My friends and family spend all the livelong day looking at my lazy eye, my extra chin and my poochy belly and they don't give a hoot about them, why should I?
  • 2003. Not my best year. 6 of 10
    2003. Not my best year.
    Losing weight is stupid hard no matter how you do it or what attitude you have going into it. I can gain two pounds in one day at the State Fair and it could take me at least a week to lose them. What's up with that? It's better to go into a weight loss routine with the idea of changing bad habits and getting into a healthier routine rather than seeing the number on a scale drop. Just like a watched pot will never boil, a watched scale will only send you into fits of frustration. Once your bad habits are under control and you're settled into a good routine of exercise, you'll start to notice a change here and there, rewards for all your hard work. (I know the first thing I see come back when I lose weight is my collarbones.)
  • I love my sippy cup. 7 of 10
    I love my sippy cup.
    Drinking enough water is awesome. If nothing else getting into the habit of drinking lots of water each day has made such a difference. Find a cup you like, fill it often and empty it even more often. I should also note I am a water snob, we have filtered ice and a reverse osmosis drinking water system that makes drinking water a treat. If you're stuck with nasty tap water? Invest in a Brita and buy a bag of ice once a week. Promise it will make a big difference in your relationship with water.
  • Rough day. 8 of 10
    Rough day.
    I eat when I'm bored. Or stressed. Or tired. Or sad. Or when it's a day on the calendar. Changing the way I eat has made me consciously realize how often I mindlessly head to the kitchen for a snack or a treat. I really need better things to do with my time. Eating ice has helped tremendously in my bored eating. When it comes to caffeine? I don't drink it much, if ever, but I am always ALWAYS allowed my favorite (a Red Bull) on the first two days of my period. Don't fight with me about it, I'm menstruating.
  • Pastrami please. 9 of 10
    Pastrami please.
    All that garbage about "Nothing tastes as good as thin feels" is a stupid saying and they've obviously never had a good doughnut, decent cheeseburger or good Mexican food. I enjoy food, I like thinking about it, I like cooking it, I like going out with my friends to eat it. Learning moderation has been key, tell me I can't have something and I'm going to bite your face off and have three thank you very much. Make it available to me and allow me to enjoy it? I'll be much better off.
  • 6 weeks postpartum the second time around. 10 of 10
    6 weeks postpartum the second time around.
    Making an event of my meals makes a HUGE difference. I put it on a plate, I use a napkin, I even style it a little bit. So often 3 pm hits and I'm left wondering "Wait? Did I even eat today?" It's hard to remember because I know I fed three other people and two cats, but what about me? Sure there was a handful of Goldfish here and there, but what about a real meal? Making a production out of my meal, actually SITTING DOWN to eat it and using a a real knife and fork? I can always remember that I did sit down and eat and thank you it was delicious. It also makes it easier to see what I'm actually eating rather than a handful of this and a scoop of that throughout the day.

Bonus: Pinterest becomes flat out porn when on a diet.

What are you going to do with those candy bars? Put them in cookies? Oh! That sounds like a good idea. What’s that? Then you’re going to fill them with ice cream and dip them in chocolate and serve them with hot chocolate? Oh yeah, mmm…tell me more.

Before and after pictures eventually, because I’m not done yet (even though I really, really want to be. WILLPOWER! IT SHALL BE MINE!)


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