Things to Stop Saying in 2014

Things  to Stop Saying in 2014 by Alli Worthington

A new year calls for better habits. One to consider (I know I am) is to abandon sayings that have outlived their time.

Most of us have used these words or phrases at one time or another. I know I have in the past- might again in the future. What? I never said I was perfect.

Because it is easier said than done when it comes to letting go of lingo. Maybe because they’re fun to say, or get the point across quickly, or just because using the current shorthand makes us feel like we’re all riding the same crest of a wave…but these phrases have a way of latching onto our vocabulary and not letting go.

Thing is? Waves crash.

The vernacular of the past needs to stay in the past.

Sure…There’s an argument to be made that once a catchphrase has lived it’s life it can be recycled at some point and used ironically…but that time hasn’t come for yet for these sayings. Not yet. Not for a while.

So let’s all work on allowing these phrases to retire with the respect they deserve after serving us all so well while in their prime. They’re probably ready for a nice retirement community in Boca anyway.

  • This one lasted far longer than expected. 1 of 11

    And I think it's one that just might be used humorously in an ironic way sooner than later. Until then, I'm letting it go for good.

  • When someone says this, they really mean the opposite. 2 of 11

    This is often used at the end of a comment as an excuse to be rude or snarky. Just sayin' doesn't negate meanness. It also doesn't make a quirky comment any funnier. It really serves no purpose. Let's banish it.

  • Unless you’re Charlie Sheen. 3 of 11

    In which case, please don't ever stop saying it.

  • Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. 4 of 11

    But when people throw out a random, "Random!" it just sounds really rather random.

  • Saying, "You only live once!" is perfectly fine. 5 of 11

    Using the acronym YOLO like it's a complete sentence? Nah. Unless you live in Yolo county in Northern California, let's put this one to rest.  

  • Like YOLO, the days of using acronyms as a word/sentence are over. 6 of 11

    Plus swag in and of itself is over, so there's that, too.

  • This is very Chandler from Friends. 7 of 11

    I'll be there for you, even when this elderly phrase is overused. But I'd rather go back to the days when people didn't say this in that snarky manner ala Chandler. Less snark is always a good thing.

  • Related: Amazeballs. 8 of 11

    Smooshing two words together and making another word just isn't hitting the mark anymore. It's hard to let this one go, but it's time. It was time a while ago. 

  • Don’t say, "LOL" out loud. 9 of 11
    Things to stop saying in 2014 Ell oh Ell

    Either laugh or don't laugh. BONUS:  Typing "LOL," in a text or where is so overused that it's essentially devoid of meaning. It's essentially just a space filler now.

  • Yes, it’s fun to say. 10 of 11
    Things to stop saying in 2014 peeps

     And yes, it's quicker to type. But? It's well past its prime.  

  • Daytime talk show hosts and our grandparents get a pass on using this phrase. 11 of 11
    Things to stop saying in 2014 Lets give it a shout out

    The rest of us need to put that shout out to pasture.

I’m sure you have some to add. What lingo would you like to see allowed to retire in peace?


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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