Things You Should Know- Volume 2

Things you should KNow



Being a jerk is contagious. 

People are still saying men and women can’t be just friends. This is just ridiculously stupid.

Thankfully the assault on boys play fighting is not waged by everyone. Why play fighting is good here.

Please, please stop praising your kids so much for being so darn awesome at everything.



Maybe it’s better not to work out every day.  (Full disclosure- this does not apply to me. Heh)

I’m not the only one who rests only when sick. And it’s not cool for health. at. all.



You should get comfortable with negotiation.

One third of customers trust a stranger over a brand online. Yikes.

I’m not the only one who works hard to help my words online have context and tone. 


Internet Bits of Awesome:

Vine is still hard to master, but Adam Goldberg is the Orsen Wells of Vine

Entrepreneur of the month- I heard John Saddington speak recently and he’s legit. 


Random Goodness:

You can use dental floss to cut soft cheeses.

I seem to be the last person on earth who discovered the guys on Youtube called Paint. Brilliance!

You can make scarves without learning to knit. Where has this been all my life?

Dolphins call each other by name. Awesome.


What did you learn in the last 30 days? C’mon, don’t be shy, share the wisdom. 🙂

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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