This Girl is Sticking to Her to Story

Even as a baby, Ella resisted any sort of fuss over her hair.  Living in the south, bows and headbands are très chic in infant fashion circles, so I started Ella off early.  As a newborn, I tried to get her to wear those headbands and used KY Jelly to affix tiny bows to her head.

She would not have it!  Wailing, LOTS AND LOTS of wailing resulted, so I soon quit trying.  I didn’t want to torture her!

Ella's Nick Nolte hair

As she got older, I kept trying new ways to fix her hair.  Not only have millions of dollars invested in bows, barrettes, clips, elastic bands gone to waste, she doesn’t like me to brush it or even wash it. She’s spent a good portion of her childhood with WILD and crazy Nick Nolte in a mugshot sort of hair. Of course I could have cut it off, but I’m a glass half full kind of girl and have held out hope that one day she’ll let me fix her hair.

Just recently I’ve convinced her to allow me to put her hair back in a ponytail under the guise that it helps her.  “Ella, if I put your hair in a pony, it will stay out of your face and I won’t have to wash it so much.”  Little by little, she has even allowed me to used a barrette or headband to hold back stray strands of hair that won’t reach her ponytail.

Just a few days ago I noticed that she had a very noticeable amount of shorter hair in the front.  It’s almost like she has bangs. At first I thought I was just losing my mind, because I have been rather busy and maybe I forgot that I took her somewhere to get bangs cut?  But as forgetful as I am, I know that she didn’t have bangs a few weeks ago and now she suddenly does.

“Ella?” I asked, “How did your hair get cut?”

She looked at me with a combination of horror and guilt, but quickly adjusted her face to conceal her emotions.

“Hmm?  I don’t know!” She said. <—–LIES.

I tried a new tactic.

“Ella, when did you cut your hair? Was it yesterday or a long time ago.”

Still, she held firm.  “I didn’t cut my hair.”

“Ella?  Did someone cut your hair?  Which scissors did you use?” I was sure she’d get tripped up on this question.

“I didn’t cut my hair.”  This girl!  She is a PRO.

We’ve talked about what it means to lie.  I’ve explained that even is she did cut her hair, I won’t be mad, but lying is a bad, bad thing to do.

No matter how many ways I ask, no matter how I explain that lying is wrong, she is sticking to her story.  This girl is so dedicated to her story that she didn’t cut her own hair that I’m starting to wonder if I’ve wrongly accused her.  Perhaps I have, but if she’s not lying, HOW did she suddenly get bangs?!


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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