This is 46: Part Two

There are a lot of things I love about being in my 40’s – 46 to be exact: Finally understanding once and for all that cellulite creams don’t work, being at peace with my technological ineptitude, at long last not caring if I suck at singing. There’s a freedom that comes in knowing my 20’s and 30’s are behind me, and that those decades aren’t coming back. Certain doors have closed but all I need to do is keep moving forward to walk through the ones that are waiting to open. Maybe that last sentence was a little cheesy but who cares? I’m 46, I don’t have to prove myself to you! Benefit!

There’s knowledge that comes with age. Like the knowledge that I’m never going to have thin legs. Never. Never ever. Even if I diet down to 117 pounds which I’ve done so that’s how I know. But with that knowledge comes peace.

Sex is better in my 40’s.¬† I’m not as worried about what the other person is thinking, which in turn allows me to take my time and enjoy the ride so to speak.

Sleep is better at 46 because I no longer have any infants waking me up every hour and there are none in my future. That’s a young woman’s game (you know, like early 40’s). Except in Italy where they get pregnant in their 60’s.

But being 46 doesn’t mean life has stopped or even slowed down. I hosted my first talk show at 46. I’m writing a new book, planning trips and learning to work my new iMac. Hell, I only discovered Twitter in my 40’s so obviously the best is yet to come. Plus, I quit drinking in my 40’s so now I’ll remember it all!

Here are 25 more women who are rocking their 40’s and proud of it. Be sure to check out Part One here.

  • Michelle 1 of 24
    This is 46
  • Angela 2 of 24
    This is 48
  • Gabrielle 3 of 24
    This is 44
  • Lisa 4 of 24
    This is 44
  • Laura 5 of 24
    I turned 40 this past summer, and I feel better, more confident, and secure now than I ever did in my 20's and into my very late 30's.
  • Tracy 6 of 24
    This is 44
  • Lori 7 of 24
    This is 45
  • kristi42 8 of 24
  • Cecily 9 of 24
    This is 42
  • Heather 10 of 24
    I'm 42, pregnant with my 4th right now, younger husband, and still get carded at Costco with a bottle of tequila in my basket with all the lunch stuff and pull ups. 40 something is just fine in our house!
  • Karmen 11 of 24
    This is 44
  • Cheryl 12 of 24
    This is 48
  • Amy 13 of 24
    This is 45
  • Laura 14 of 24
    This is 44: Everything is not all "happy happy" and perfect now that I am 44, but i wouldn't go back in time for anything. Where I am now is just where I'm supposed to be!
  • Stacey and Ellie 15 of 24
    This is 49 (leaping) and 43 (lounging).
  • Carolyn 16 of 24
    This is 46
  • Jane 17 of 24
    This is 48
  • Patricia 18 of 24
    I'm 45 and feel pretty good about myself. In fact, this is the best and most confident I've ever felt about myself.
  • Liz 19 of 24
    This is 42
  • Kerry 20 of 24
    This is 44
  • Jennifer 21 of 24
    This is 42
  • Alicia 22 of 24
    This is 43
  • Tracy 23 of 24
    This is 47: After my shows, people are always telling me that I shouldn't mention my age because I don't look my age. I say when you don't look your age is the best time to tell everybody how old you are. Here's the second joke I do onstage: "When I was in my 30's everybody told me I would love being in my 40's because you're finally comfortable in your own skin. Yeah, that's because it stretches."
  • stacia 24 of 24
    This is 40

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