I’ve been thinking about aging lately.

When I saw the movie “This is 40” I wondered if everyone is as freaked by turning 40 as Leslie Mann’s character who was so horrified she couldn’t even let anyone including her kids say she was 40; she just kept emphatically insisting she was 38. Is this relatable?

Well I’m 46 and I have no trouble announcing it to anyone who asks or even doesn’t ask. I’ve never felt better. I’ve done a lot, I’ve seen a lot, I’ve felt a lot and I’m finally in acceptance of who I am.

I work out because I love to sweat, because I want to be healthy for my kids and because working out is God’s mood stabilizer. I work out because I want to be stronger and live longer but not because I’m desperate to lose five pounds.

In fact, fuck five pounds.

I’ve finally accepted that I have a bigger butt but it doesn’t define me like it did in high school and for too many years beyond  — years where if I was naked with a man I would do a ridiculous sideways saunter out of a room to avoid giving a straight on look at the ass. These days, it’s no longer a liability, just part of who I am — my distinctive mark. I can finally own my flaws.

Does this mean that I embrace every wrinkle on my face, let my hair go gray and spend my time in comfortable Aerosoles shoes? Oh hellz no (I’m open to change). I love Botox and get it any chance I can afford it. I had laser lipo on the back of my thighs but only because it was offered to me for free. I try to take care of my skin and body because inside I still feel 25 and I’d prefer if my outside reflected a tiny bit of my inner feisty attitude.

I want to wear pink boots, go rollerskating and listen to Carly Rae Jepson or Tupac or some sort of acoustic vagina music really loud in the car. I got my belly button pierced at 30 and my first tattoo last year. Sometimes I still shop at Forever 21 despite the fact that I passed 21 twenty-five years ago.

Okay, my back gets jacked up when I try to do a cartwheel on the front lawn, and all of a sudden I can’t go on the teacup ride at Disneyland without getting nauseous and feeling a migraine coming on and to be totally honest I’d prefer being home on the couch with reality TV and a comfy throw than out at a party or God forbid nightclub any day of the week.

But the bottom line is I’m fine with 46. Actually I love 46. And I truly believe that age doesn’t need to be a stigma. If we all just proudly said our age and showed our real face I think the world would be a more comfortable place. So as an experiment, I asked my over 40 friends far and wide if they would send me their picture and let me post it with their real age. I couldn’t believe how many wanted in — so many I had to split it into two posts and even have another one for over 50!

Let’s rock our forties!

  • Jennifer 1 of 25
    This is 41
  • Lisa 2 of 25
    This is 48
  • Dana 3 of 25
    This is 41
  • Marisa 4 of 25
    This is 46
  • shawn kathleen 5 of 25
    shawn kathleen
    This is 43!
  • Lissa 6 of 25
    This is 41
  • Caroline 7 of 25
    This is 47
  • Jen 8 of 25
    This is 40
  • Andrea 9 of 25
    This is 44
  • Shaunna 10 of 25
    This is 43
  • Alexandra 11 of 25
    This is 40
  • Shari 12 of 25
    This is 49
  • Elizabeth 13 of 25
    I turn 42 on Jan 22 and refuse to act my age.
  • Rene 14 of 25
    This is 49
  • Moira 15 of 25
    This is 42
  • Kitty 16 of 25
    This is 44
  • Wendi 17 of 25
    This is 45
  • Jennifer 18 of 25
    This is 43
  • Andrea 19 of 25
    This is 47
  • Devra 20 of 25
    This is 45
  • Ellie 21 of 25
    This is 43. Wouldn't trade it for the world. Love my life.
  • Debra 22 of 25
    This is 45
  • Kristen 23 of 25
    This is 41
  • Pamela 24 of 25
    This is 42
  • Beth 25 of 25
    This is 43. 43 baby. Hottest and most in love with myself i have ever been! Boom.

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