When I decided to do a few posts about being over 40 and remaining feisty, fun, newly tattooed, open to new music (as long as it’s on Disney radio), flexible (I can still touch my toes!) and healthy, I got a lot of responses from women over 50 demanding to be included too. Well maybe they weren’t demanding but women over 50 can be pushy. I guess they just know their worth right? I wouldn’t know anything about that because I’m just a wee lass of 46 but eventually…

Anyway, some gorgeous, hilarious, feisty broads sent me their photos and I made a brand new gallery. Of them, my friend Andrea (an author, writer and all around funny mom of three girls) sent me this description which pretty much sums it up.

“This is Andrea Sarvady. She is 52. Soon she will be 53. She doesn’t give a shit. 52 means: Breast cancer didn’t beat her. A car didn’t hit her. A piano didn’t fall on her head from a second story window. She wasn’t a passenger on the Titanic. She didn’t take a ride on the Hindenburg. She has never contracted leprosy or pleurisy or any of the deadly Sy’s. She’s just a wife, mom, teacher, friend, person. She’s just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to leave her alone so that she can watch Downton Abbey.

  • Jaqui 1 of 14
    This is 51
  • Marjorie 2 of 14
    This is 59.
  • Suanne59 3 of 14
    This is 59
  • Ann 4 of 14
    This is 54.
  • Ellen 5 of 14
    This is 55.
  • Janice52 6 of 14
    This is 52
  • Michele 7 of 14
    This is 59
  • Linda 8 of 14
    This is 63
  • Lois 9 of 14
    This is 53
  • Vicki 10 of 14
    This is 57.
  • Rob 11 of 14
    This is 65
  • Suebob51 12 of 14
    This is 51
  • Kelly53 13 of 14
    This is 53
  • Alicia54 14 of 14
    This is 54

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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