Favorite Book of the Moment: This Is Ridiculous This Is Amazing: Parenthood in 71 Lists

We’re dying to share our new favorite read, This Is Ridiculous This Is Amazing: Parenthood in 71 Lists, because frankly it’s the funniest and most genuine thing we’ve read in a good while. Writer, comedian, and family man Jason Good hits close to home (literally), describing parental truths we can all relate to. Using more than a touch of hilarity, this book reminds us that sometimes parenting demands a sense of humor.

You can watch the book trailer here for a teaser and some insight into Jason’s world.

We found Jason’s book so inspiring that we wanted to know where he finds his inspiration. Here are 10 things that inspire Jason the most, written by Jason, himself:

 1. My three oldest friends.

Because my career is focused on making people laugh, it’s good for me; humbling and smile-inducing to be reminded in a group Facebook chat, that being a professional funny person in no way makes me funnier than Vic, Patrick, or Jeremy.

2. Motley Crue’s “Dr. Feelgood.”

I can’t fully explain it, and I’m a bit embarrassed to admit this, but the moment that song comes on, I feel as if I can plow through just about anything.

3. My wife and sons …

Jason Good, photo courtesy of Ben Toht

… who remind me every day that self-consciousness is a waste of time. Each time my boys (4 and 6 years-old) do a “silly dance” (and yes, that’s what we call it), I become more certain we’re all on this world to do less thinking and more enjoying.

4. The HBO show, Silicon Valley.

It surprised me. I anticipated that the convenient premise would wear thin after a few episodes, but it just keeps getting better. It’s a great reminder that subject matter is far less important than execution.

5. New operating systems.

I’m always riding the first wave of adopters. I’m currently running the newest version of OSx (Yosemite) and, on my iPhone, I’ve updated to iOS8. I’m baffled that people aren’t more jealous of this. The inspiration is short-lived, but intense — a kin to getting a great haircut.

6. Multi-purpose duster.

Anything that blows off my desk from one screechy breath of this stuff, I probably didn’t need anyway. The small, insignificant things weigh less and should be treated as such.

7. Pizza inspires me.

I know that’s strange, maybe even boring. But when it doesn’t put me to sleep, pizza is a great example of how the most perfect things are also the most simple.

8. My brother-in-law.

He’s an artist, he draws, builds, photographs, and records exactly what he wants with little concern for commercial success. I have a suspicion that such integrity might just be the ingredients for commercial success.

9. My mom and dad

They are both battling illness, have shown strength, levity, and perspective beyond what I imagined possible.

10. Filebrite.

What is that? Who is that? Where is that? Filebrite is the name I gave to a two-foot-tall stuffed wizard my aunt made for me 33 years ago. He’s on my desk right now, pointing a lightening bolt at the door and staring at me with his one good, sequined eye. Look, some people have vision boards, I have a tiny cloth wizard. Whatever works, right?

Filebrite’s still going strong after 33 years!


Want to buy Jason’s book? Order your copy from Chronicle Books here!

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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