“This Is Wholesome” (This Commercial Will Make You Cry Happy Tears)

wholesome ad by honeymaidI don’t watch regular TV anymore since I cut the cable cord, so I might not have ever seen this commercial if my daughter hadn’t asked if she could show me a video on YouTube. (She promptly got really annoyed at me when I insisted on watching this commercial instead).

This amazing little thirty second spot featuring four families — an interracial family, a family with two dads, a possibly single father, and a family with a tattooed rocker of a dad — is a gorgeous little slice of America.

Best of all? It’s an America that I recognize.

The moment in the commercial that made me cry is early on at the three second mark; one dad is holding and feeding the baby while the other dad leans down and cups the baby’s head and then leans down to kiss it. Is there a better and more lovely parenting moment than that?

I like graham crackers just as much as anyone (which means mostly in s’mores), but I’ve always just bought the cheapest brand. Not anymore. Honey Maid wins my loyalty with this ad.

And knowing my daughter is growing up in a world where families like this are presented as normal? Where they are being presented, in fact, as “This is wholesome?” Well, that makes me cry all over again. Watch it and tell me what you think.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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