This Season’s Best Drugstore Lipstick



This spring might just go down in history as the moment when neon reached its apex of amazingness. Neon! All I want to be wearing is neon! Set against the blooming flowers and blossoming trees and moody cloudy skies, neon just seems to sing in the spring! Nail polishes, jewelry, shoes . . . I was at the drugstore this afternoon picking up a few essentials for the kid (wipes, bath bubbles, you know) when I happened to pass a display for the new Maybelline Vivids line of lipsticks. Neon lipstick! SOLD! I’m a total sucker for drugstore lipstick. (I’m an even bigger sucker for department store lipstick, but that’s another story.) I couldn’t help but pick out a few colors to take home and try on. Maybe there’d be a few winners? Maybe we could all benefit from my investigating?

Spoiler alert, YES! Three of them came out total winners, and I am happy to share the results. 🙂

But first — can I just tell you that attempting to capture lipstick on camera, by yourself, on an iPhone, because your husband is out of town, might be my own personal version of hell? All those angles… all that poor lighting. So you’ll have to excuse the selfies on this one. It’s not pretty, but rest assured they were as painful to produce as they are to look at. 😉


  • Shocking Coral 1 of 3
    Shocking Coral
    This neon pink is extremely wearable and feels perfectly casual. It seems like the color that would play well on any complexion. And it smells REALLY good.
    Get itHERE.
  • Neon Red 2 of 3
    Neon Red
    The Neon Red is an orange red, which may be a little hard to pull off if you're not carrying the right skin undertones. A good comparison might be NARS Heat Wave.
    Get itHERE.
  • On Fire Red 3 of 3
    On Fire Red
    Everyone needs a good blood red in their lives, and On Fire Red is a great option. It's rich but doesn't scream at you too bad.
    Get itHERE.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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