This Will Be the Title of the Story of My Life

"A Precious and Extremely Absentminded Commodity: the Katie Allison Granju Story""

According to friends and family, I am hard to get on the the phone, and also kind of tough to keep on the phone. This popularly held opinion of my phone (UN)availability was hammered home to me this morning when my good pal and fellow Babble blogger John Cave Osborne and I were chatting about something or another via telephone.

During our call, JCO apparently realized that he needed to switch from his cell phone – on which he was speaking to me- to his landline (I guess maybe his cell was dying).

Anyway, his  instructions to me were to REMAIN ON THE LINE with him while he dialed me via his landline. Then, when I heard the call waiting beep, indicating he was breaking into the call on which he was already speaking to me, I was to answer the incoming call, ending the original connection. But until then, I was to REMAIN ON THE LINE.

He tried this plan, and it didn’t work, and so he started to try again when I asked, “Why don’t we just hang up and I will call you right back on your landline?”

“No way,” he replied, continuing to speak to me on the cell phone while trying to break into our call with his landline.

“This is ridiculous,” I said impatiently. “Just hang up and I will call you right back.”

“Nope,” he said sternly. “You are not to hang up the phone, because if you do, I will be unable to finish this conversation with you for days or weeks. When it comes to the phone, you are a precious and extremely absentminded commodity.”

So that’s apparently my phone rep: I am, “a precious and extremely absentminded commodity.”

I’m not sure if that’s true, but I do know that if I ever write my autobiography, JCO just gave me the title.


So how about you? When they make the movie about YOUR life, or when you write your personal memoir for a major publisher, what will it be called, and why?

Tell me in the comments below.








Article Posted 5 years Ago

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