Three Kids, Three Products

Thanks so much to the folks at Pillsbury for sponsoring this post and for providing Pillsbury products for me to have some fun with.

You know, Pillsbury has given me this great opportunity to have fun with their products and I am doing just that. I am, by my nature, a baker and have been for years. Most of the recipes I collect have a name attached to them so that I can recall fondly who to blame for all the delicious treats my family enjoys. For instance, Krista’s Buttery Sugar Cookies (that calls for an ungodly amount of butter) and Yvette’s Million Dollar Bars and Sara’s Peanut Butter Blasts. If a friend gives me a recipe, I name it after them. I name inanimate objects all the time anyway so this is nothing new. Have you met my stove, Sofia? Or my laptop, Jayne? Basically, I can have fun with anything at any time. All I need for that particular recipe is to add my kids and since I love hanging out with them (in a very healthy, non-clingy mom way! I promise!) all I have to do is come up with an activity and they’re game. Maybe you remember my awesome skills as a mom from this post?

Last weekend we decided that each of them wanted to bake something with me so I lined up several Pillsbury products on the counter and they each grabbed the thing they most wanted to make. You would think that each kid liked that sweet treat the best, but the truth is that they all will eat just about anything so they decided to bake based on the ease or difficulty of the item at hand.

You’ll notice that my youngest, the child who wanted to do the least amount of work for the maximum amount of effort, picked the cherry turnovers. Normally, I would shy away from that because I assume it’s difficult, but that’s only if you are making your own dough and filling. For this, Pillsbury kept it simple. Three separate parts: the dough in a can much like crescent rolls and two packets each of cherry filling and icing. This took the least amount of time. They tasted good, but I would like to try doing a version from scratch next. When I asked Morgan about doing that with me he suggested that I just go ahead and do it myself. (He added a dash of sarcasm with it that was a bit hard to swallow. Lucky for him I like jerky, sarcastic 16-year olds.)

My daughter, that petite one in the middle, chose what ended up being my favorite: snickerdoodles. Even though that’s an easy cookie to make from scratch, we gave the boxed version a try and I can sum up how we felt about the taste of them in two words: SNICKERDOODLE COMA. I had so many of them that I tried sending Mallory home with the rest and she refused to take them. That process was simple, too: mix in a bowl (no stand mixer necessary), shape into balls, roll in the cinnamon sugar mixture, bake.

Simple. Easy. Super delicious.

I love it when a plan comes together.

Which brings me to my most difficult child. The one who is always late for everything. The one who likes surprising me by coming home from his job in Seattle almost a month early. The one who lives and works on Island Time because he does everything so blessedly slowly. The one who said, “Yeah, mom, I’ll cook with you. Can we do this tomorrow?”

That child, Mason, who is forcing me to write a second part to this post on cooking with my family because he just had to go out with friends is now going to get his own separate post on cooking. Nothing with him is simple or easy so I’m forcing him not to just follow the directions on the box to make cheesecake swirl brownies. No way. I’m going to make this a challenge for him. Stay tuned for what I make him do with that recipe box.

While you wait I’ll bet you could whip up a few batches of snickerdoodles and pop several in your mouth and probably do some online shopping.

If not, then try naming all your appliances so that when you have to coax your microwave into hurrying up with your hot water for some lovely afternoon tea you can say, “Daisy, darling, can you move it along a bit so that I can enjoy some peppermint tea with my snickerdoodle cookies that I made with my daughter who dropped by so that we could spend some quality time together?”

Come to think of it, my microwave didn’t have a name yet so “Daisy” will do. That way I could title the above photograph “Mallory made snickerdoodles with Sofia and Daisy” and not feel at all weird about it. What? Is that weird? It’s just normal family time for us.


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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