Three Tips for Taking Fabulous Pictures of Kids at the Beach

Beaches + Kids = Great Photo Opportunities!

Beaches are happy places, so kids are happy people, thus photographers have great little models. Follow these tips and you’ll have some frame-worthy beach photos.




1. Use your flash. I know, it’s sunny so you don’t need it. But, see…it’s sunny, so you need it! Wha?

Bright sunlight means shadows, and shadows on faces mean you can’t see those cute eyes. Put your flash on and it will lighten up those shadows (pros call this a “fill flash, because it’s filling out the shadows).

Now you just need to try to get the kids positioned so that they aren’t squinting.





2. Keep that horizon line level.  Or not.  Before you snap that photo, look at the water’s horizon line…make sure it’s straight across from left to right. A wee tilt to the left or right on a photo is discombobulating.  Nobody wants to be discombobulated! So don’t discombobulate; level that horizon!  NOW.

Notice I said a “wee” tilt.  A dramatic tilt done intentionally for perspective can have a really cool effect.







3. Ignore the water. When taking beach shots, it’s tempting to always include the water in the images. For good reason…I mean, it’s THE BEACH.

However, a close cropped photo of kids playing in the sand can have great visual impact.

They still tell a beach story, just in an unexpected way (great way to document a sandy love note, too).









*Bonus Pro Tip. Don’t tell anyone I told you this, but a professional photographer told me that pros like to shoot in the hour before sunset. The light at dusk is soft, the water glows, and the sky is filled with drama. Super filled with win.

*Bonus Bonus Pro Tip.  Polarizing filters.  Depending upon the angle of the filter to the reflective surface, a polarizing filters linearly BLAH BLAH BLAH.  They reduce glare and deepen colors; great for shooting on a sunny day at the beach.  Yay!

Then it’s time to save some of those memories with Wendy’s new scrapbooking app and share with your beach buddies. You can also upload only the great pictures that make your summer memories look all perfect and wonderful if that’s your thing. Not that I would know anything about selective editing or anything. 🙂

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