I See, They See: The Difference Between a Mom’s View of the World and Her Children’s

016bThe best thing about Mother’s Day is that it isn’t just one day. I get to be a mother 365 days a year. Yeah, some days motherhood is hard. With 6 kids, I’ve had more than my fair share of broken bones, stitches, and surgeries. I’ve had way more than enough broken glasses, lost mittens, foot prints on the floor, foot prints on the walls, marker on the table, yogurt on the TV, Legos on the floor, and messes of every variety imaginable (and many you wouldn’t imagine in your wildest dreams). I’ve changed a zillion dirty diapers and spent more sleepless nights than there are stars in the sky. I’ve waited up for a child to get home before curfew, I’ve driven children and their friends all over the earth, and I’ve dished out money for the movies/bowling/skating more times than I can count. I’ve read a thousand books and listened patiently while a thousand more were read to me.  I’ve had my kids bring me wild squirrels (held by the tail), dead rabbits (held on a shovel) and a few dozen frogs, lizards, and turtles. I’ve had my kids pour soap all over the kitchen floor so they could “skate through it”, and I’ve had them pour water on the floor and leave the freezer door open to make an indoor ice rink. I’ve had them carve their names into the paint on the side of my van and I’ve had them draw in permanent marker on the TV. I’ve had them use my toothbrush to stir a potion of water, toothpaste, lotion, and worms in the bathroom sink. Yeah, some days are hard.

But I have also given and received more hugs and kisses than there are grains of sand. I’ve been told, “I love you” daily. I’ve had the absolute blessing of seeing the world through a child’s eyes. Nothing can change your perspective and make you smile quite like seeing things through a child’s eyes. When you stop and take a minute to look at things from a different viewpoint, it can turn your whole day around. The kids didn’t just fill my bathtub with frogs. No, they rounded up as many frogs as they could to save them from the wild (nevermind that they live in the wild). The kids didn’t just draw all over the wall with black Sharpie. No, they were leaving me their artwork; artwork that will bring fond smiles and laughs a few years from now when I recall it.

Don’t believe me? See for yourself. Then see what your kids see.

  • I SEE . . . 1 of 20
    I SEE . . .
    chores; a basket full of laundry that needs to be done. I see the never-ending task of supplying 7 people with clean clothes, towels, and bedding.
  • THEY SEE . . . 2 of 20
    THEY SEE . . .
    a cage for housing a trained Bengal tiger, ready to perform in the circus. They see a cage for training a puppy, or capturing a wild unicorn.
  • I SEE . . . 3 of 20
    I SEE . . .
    a stack of towels that need to be put away.
  • THEY SEE . . . 4 of 20
    THEY SEE . . .
    long, luxurious multi-colored hair. They see just the props they need to be Rapunzel.
  • I SEE . . . 5 of 20
    I SEE . . .
    a hairbrush. I see the reason why I have to wake up early - to tame my frizzy hair.
  • THEY SEE . . . 6 of 20
    THEY SEE . . .
    a microphone. This is the exact thing a rising pop star needs to record her latest album.
  • I SEE . . . 7 of 20
    I SEE . . .
    a doorway. This is simply the way to get from my bedroom to my bathroom.
  • THEY SEE . . . 8 of 20
    THEY SEE . . .
    a jungle gym. Or a place to play when you're bitten by a radioactive spider.
  • I SEE . . . 9 of 20
    I SEE . . .
    a remote control. This is nothing more than a way to change the channel when you're too lazy to get up and do it the old fashioned way.
  • THEY SEE . . . 10 of 20
    THEY SEE . . .
    a telephone. What better way to talk to Aunt DeeDee than with a cell phone.
  • I SEE . . . 11 of 20
    I SEE . . .
    a rake. This is a tool that keeps you outside doing yardwork. This does nothing more than signal more chores.
  • THEY SEE . . . 12 of 20
    THEY SEE . . .
    a guitar. This is a tool that lets you rock out in front of thousands of adoring fans.
  • I SEE . . . 13 of 20
    I SEE . . .
    a couch; a place to sit and relax after a long day of work.
  • THEY SEE . . . 14 of 20
    THEY SEE . . .
    a trampoline. If they jump high enough and do enough tricks, they might even get a gold medal in the Couch Olympics.
  • I SEE . . . 15 of 20
    I SEE . . .
    a blanket. This is nice for cuddling up and keeping warm while watching a movie.
  • THEY SEE . . . 16 of 20
    THEY SEE . . .
    supplies to make a fort or a tunnel for naked mole rats.
  • I SEE . . . 17 of 20
    I SEE . . .
    a roll of toilet paper that will undoubtedly sit there even when it's empty since no one in the house can replace the empty roll.
  • THEY SEE . . . 18 of 20
    THEY SEE . . .
    a telescope for spying on the bank robbers, or for discovering new species of African warthogs, or for being on the look-out for zombies.
  • I SEE . . . 19 of 20
    I SEE . . .
    a bowl. A tool used to make dinner or a container to fill with cut-up watermelon.
  • THEY SEE . . . 20 of 20
    THEY SEE . . .
    a hat or a helmet. It's very stylish, no?


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