Top 10 Activities That Will Get You Outside This Summer…Even In This Scorching Weather

 We just returned from a nine-day excursion to Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. with a last-minute surprise stop into New York City. But you know what was most surprising of all…it was hotter in these upper states last week than it was in Texas. What the heck, Northeast? I thought I was flying your way to escape this heat…oh but no…the heat up there was just as bad (if not worse, frankly) than it is down here. And I bet you’re not so used to that. But fret not, the summer is meant for enjoyment, even if Mother Nature isn’t working in your favor. So here are ten tips from someone who is used to enduring the heat…a few strategies to overcome scorching weather and enjoy the summer sun…

1. Get wet. Find your favorite watering hole. The above photo is my parents’ backyard…and we find ourselves there a lot of days as the days get longer. Find your own local favorite and haunt it often.

2. Get breezy. Follow the wind. Yours may be blowing up near the ocean, near a lake, near a local wind machine …wherever it is, know where it is, go and get gone with the wind. It will help.

3. Find shade. Parks. Forests. Giant umbrella yurts. Look for the shade for goodness sakes and get in it.

4. Find activity. Plan some things outside to do as a family…and make yourself do them. Take a walk. Plant a garden. Go on a picnic. The picnic idea is a great one…and I recommend planning it in a spot that also takes into account rule #3, or #2, or #1, or all of the above.

5. Make goals. Make a list of things you want to do, accomplish or try outside this summer. Then make a plan to make it happen. Or just generally make a goal to do one outdoor activity everyday…whatever works best for you.

6. Make friends. Sometimes its easier to make and accomplish activity goals when you bring others along for the ride. Like riding bikes, for instance, is always more fun with a friend.

7. Plan an outing. This goes back to #5 a bit, but think of something big or small you’d like to do…a baseball game, a fireworks show, an outdoor movie night…make a plan, and do it. The activity will make you forget how hot it is. Possibly.

8. Plan accordingly. When thinking about/planning/doing #4, #5, #6 and/or #7, it’s always better when you consider the time of day. Mornings and evenings are your friends. Spend time with them in the summer. A morning walk or evening ballgame is much preferred to anything in the afternoon hours.

9. Live in the moment. No matter what you’re doing outside, it will be a million times more fun if you look around you, beat the heat with your mind, and get over it. Of course, you’ll need to stay hydrated and reasonable (don’t get heatstroke or anything). But there’s nothing that ruins an outdoor activity for everyone like one person whining about how hot it is. Yes, it’s hot. Deal with it. You’re not made of chocolate, you won’t actually melt. Just keep yourself hydrated (and/or refer to #1, #2, #3) and look for the positive. You’re outside, you’re relatively healthy (most likely), you’re not stranded in Death Valley (probably) and you have access to water.  Success!<

10. Live for the moment. Remember summer is only a season, and it will be gone before your know it. So get outside and enjoy it!

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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