Top 10 Anti-Aging Supplements

Having crossed over the forty year mark, I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about aging gracefully lately. And while I’m not someone likely to ever go under the knife for vanity’s sake (though I haven’t completely ruled out less invasive injectibles and the like), I am someone who’ll do what I can in terms of adding supplements, modifying my diet, and making changes in my personal habits/behavior, to keep myself looking and, perhaps more importantly, feeling younger for as long as possible.

After reading innumerable of books and articles on the subject, I’ve come away with a multitude of small changes and tweaks you can make now to age more gracefully later, which I’ll be sharing here in the days and weeks to come. This week, we’ll focus on anti-aging supplements.

  • Aspirin 1 of 10
    New research from the journal Cancer suggests that in addition to its well-known heart-health benefits, daily aspirin-users are about 15% less likely to develop skin cancer, and have a whopping 46% lower risk of colon, lung and prostate cancer compared with people who rarely or never take aspirin. Who knew the lowly aspirin could do so much?
  • Carnitine 2 of 10
    Studies suggest Carnitine contributes to heart health and improves memory. According to the University of Maryland Medical Research Center, Carnitine can be used to help relieve depression related to senility and dementia, and L-carnitine supplements may increase sperm count in men. Not bad for one little pill, right?
  • DHEA 3 of 10
    DHEA is often taken by those who want to boost immunity, cognitive function, and muscle strength. According to WebMD, DHEA may also improve skin in older people and help treat osteoporosis and a variety of other age-related conditions.
  • Fish Oil 4 of 10
    Fish Oil
    The Omega-3s in Fish Oil have been shown to be beneficial in lowering high triglyceride levels, which are fats related to cholesterol (and heart problems). Some people also take fish oil to counter glaucoma and depression.
  • Grape Seed Extract 5 of 10
    Grape Seed Extract
    An antioxidant found in the skin of grapes, Grape Seed Extract has been shown to treat hypertension and lower the risk for heart attack, stroke, kidney and eye disease.
  • Human Growth Hormone 6 of 10
    Human Growth Hormone
    Human Growth Hormone or HGH increases bone density and muscle mass, while decreasing body fat, which is why it's touted as a "fountain of youth" by many. And though synthetic HGH is approved for use by doctors in treating growth issues in children, it is heavily regulated by the government due to risks posed by HGH, including diabetes and breast formation in men.
  • Coenzyme Q-10 7 of 10
    Coenzyme Q-10
    Coenzyme Q-10 has been shown to help in maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system. It also has other suspected benefits, and is being investigated as a treatment for cancer, migraine headaches, and high blood pressure (among others).
  • Resveratrol 8 of 10
    Found in red wine, Resveratrol helps prevent damage to blood vessels, reduces "bad" cholesterol and prevents blood clots. In one study, taking Resveratrol daily reduced inflammation of the heart in the study's participants by 26%! So go ahead and have that glass of red wine every day - it's actually good for you!
  • Royal Jelly 9 of 10
    Royal Jelly
    Fed to bee larva to promote their growth into Queen bees (hence the "royal" bit), Royal Jelly packed with antioxidants, minerals and proteins, and shows promise in protecting aging skin from damage and encouraging collagen growth. There's also some evidence that royal jelly can help to lower bad cholesterol, called LDL, and raise good cholesterol, called HDL.
  • Vitamin D 10 of 10
    Vitamin D
    Good for your bones, sure, but did you know Vitamin D is now thought to be a factor in preventing cancer? That's right! Vitamin D has been shown to protect cells and DNA from harmful free radicals that can lead to cancer. The best way to get enough Vitamin D is through supplementation, though - drinking a gallon of milk every day won't do it!


What supplements do you take? Are there any with ‘anti-aging’ properties that I missed? Let me know in comments!


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