Top 10 Simply Irresistible Food Aromas

I have always had trigger foods where the simple aroma {or the very thought of its smell} creates a craving for it inside of me!  Why are these foods so irresistible?

It is not just that the food itself is savory and rich, but that we have tied memories to them as well!  We have all have had this happen to us at times, moments where certain food aromas trigger childhood memories and emotions from a much more simple life!  Grandma’s kitchen, the county fair, back yard barbecue, movie theaters, etc… you all know what I am talking about!

It has always been so interesting to me how aromas can be so directly related to memory.  For me, it is like I can literally “smell” the food in my mind before I ever see or taste it.  Then my mouth begins salivating {which can either be a good or a bad thing!}

Depending on the memory, the smell can often make a food more desirable to us.  For example, when I smell brownies… I immediately think of cooking them in our motorhome while our family camped in the canyons of Utah’s Wasatch mountains.  Today, my girls will bake brownies all the time, and I am mentally transported back to the 1980’s in those canyons, with my family playing cards, laughing, and enjoying the pine trees and quaking aspens swaying in the mountain breeze.

Believe it or not, simply writing this article has me going crazy with cravings!  I am curious, do these foods do the same thing to you?

Before you move on, please write down a list of your guesses for the 10 food aromas that are commonly irresistible for many people, check them against mine, and then feel free to click “Share” if you came up with at least five of them!

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    Top 10 Irresistible Food Aromas

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  • Warm Apple Pie 2 of 11

    Near the end of each year, between Halloween and Christmas, nothing brings back warmer memories than my grandmother's hot apple pie! Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and I am in heaven again!

    Photo Source: Flickr {basykes}

  • Roasted or Fried Garlic 3 of 11

    Like caramelized onions, roasted garlic has an aroma so delicious that mouths begin watering everywhere! Pour a little olive oil in a pan, slice up a few cloves of garlic, then fry them for a few minutes for a delicious base to many fantastic dishes! It is great for your circulatory system, too! 

    Photo Source: Flickr {karindalziel}

  • Glazed Cinnamon Rolls 4 of 11

    Anytime I smell cinnamon rolls, it reminds me of when I used to make them with my roomies in college! Not only could you sense the heavenly aroma of baked bread when they were in the oven... but when you also add in the melted cinnamon and brown sugar mixture, too, everyone in the home begins to salivate!

    Photo Source: Flickr {tvol}

  • Sizzling Bacon 5 of 11

    I only need one whiff of bacon to immediately take me back to our family's Sunday morning breakfasts! I can hear distinctly the crackle of the bacon grease in the pan just by thinking about it! Bacon has to be one of the best comfort foods and I can't think of any food that does not taste better with bacon! {Hence, the recent food fad of all things baconified!}

    Photo Source: Flickr {jordanmit09}

  • Grilled/Caramelized Onions 6 of 11

    The smell of grilling onions always reminds me of the State or County Fairs we used to visit when I was young! I am certain that those booths grill onions on purpose, just to get the impulse buy from passers by! There is something simply beautiful about those natural sugars and proteins breaking down and caramelizing into delicious heaven on a burger!

    Photo Source: Flickr {Erik Langner}

  • Warm Chocolate Chip Cookies 7 of 11

    This applies for cookies in general, but for me, chocolate chip cookies are the strongest childhood memory trigger when it comes to smell. It is a "comfort" smell. The aroma is so strong for me, that I immediately begin salivating and craving cookies... and the craving will not go away until satisfied! It could be a rainy, drowsy day and the smell of fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies is like wrapping myself up in a warm blanket .

    Photo Source: Flickr {meginsanity}

  • Buttered Popcorn 8 of 11

    It does not matter how old you are, popcorn has an iconic aroma that will remain with you forever. Ask anyone, anywhere what the smell of popcorn reminds them them of and I bet you would hear going to the "movies" as a response. Going to a movie theater without the smell of popcorn would be like a sitting around a campfire with no smoking logs... it would never be the same. The light airy popped kernels and buttery goodness on top just makes any movie better!

    Photo Source: Flickr {White93}

  • Fresh Hot Coffee 9 of 11

    Although I am not a coffee drinker, I have to admit that I love the smell of it. Many people woke up daily as children to a home smelling of freshly-brewed coffee. Just think of the memories associated with the aroma of coffee, and I bet it runs the spectrum! With a warm, earthy, and rich smell... coffee is certainly on everyone's list of most irrestible smells!

    Photo Source: Flickr {waferboard}

  • Smoked BBQ Brisket or Ribs 10 of 11

    My mom used to make brisket for our family on Sunday dinners or other special occasions, and to this day it is still a family favorite. There are few things that tease the taste buds more than the smell of succulent fall-off-the-bone barbecued meat! This often triggers memories of tailgate parties at football games!

    Photo Source: Flickr {jeffreyw}

  • Fresh Baked Bread 11 of 11

    Baking grandma's bread from scratch at home is becoming a lost art! With the prevalence of grocery stores, more and more people are simply buying pre-made bread. It did not used to be that way. My mother would often bake bread at home, and it was a real treat! Simply walk by a working bakery and I dare you to not buy something... its almost impossible. The yeast interacting with the sugars, releasing alcohol into the bread {forming the tiny air pockets/bubbles, and subsequently burning off} causes a delectable aroma that is deeply entrenched in many people's memories. In fact, realtors swear that homes that smell like fresh-baked bread or cookies are more likely to sell! Baking bread is something that I will pass on to my daughters! Thank you, Mom!

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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