Halloween Hall of Shame: Too-Sexy Costumes for Little Girls

Look, I don’t want to be a Halloween Debbie Downer. I know how fun it is for kids to trick-or-treat. I know kids like candy (though I will keep preaching on how prevalent child labor is in the chocolate-production industry). And I know kids like to dress up in costumes. But there’s nothing fun about the increasingly sexed-up costume culture. I understand that adults may want to attend a party as a sexy pirate or something, but costumes for little girls—princesses, cheerleaders, etc.—are becoming increasingly sexualized. From the poses of preteen models to the costume designs themselves, costume companies taking it too far.

I received a mailer from a costume vendor and quickly perused it before handing it over to the kids. I’m glad I did, because the costumes for little girls were so consistently sexualized that I ended up throwing it away. I don’t need to send the message to my daughters that their costumes choices need to involve miniskirts and thigh-high boots.

  • Top 10 Too-Sexy Costumes for Kids 1 of 12

    A quick search online yields the same results.  Here are some of the worst offenders:


  • Hello Kitty Sequin Dress 2 of 12

    My girls love Hello Kitty, but this short skirt and come-hither pose? Hello no.

    [photo source]

  • Cheerless Leader 3 of 12

    I'm just going to say it: fish-net midriffs should not come in child sizes.

    [photo source]

  • Scary Skeleton 4 of 12

    I'm guessing the boy version of this costume does not involve torn stockings and a mini skirt.

    [photo source]

  • Skeleton Sweetie 5 of 12

    If it reminds you of a Playboy bunny outfit, it doesn't belong on a pre-teen.

    [photo source]

  • Vampirina 6 of 12

    A vampire/ballerina hybrid . . . cute concept, but this skirt is way too short for an active little girl.

    [photo source]

  • Monster High: Laguna Blue 7 of 12

    The "Monster High" doll franchise is a pretty big offender . . . I could have included nearly all of their costumes in this round-up for bringing a slutty vibe to kids' costumes.

    [photo source]

  • Devil Darling 8 of 12

    Horns, bat-wings, tail, miniskirt, boots. And the whole "princess of darkness" thing. Sure, that's cool.

    [photo source]

  • Treasure Pirate 9 of 12

    NO. No no no no no.

    [photo source]

  • Gothic Ballerina 10 of 12

    My daughters take ballet. They don't dress like this.

    [photo source]

  • Rebel Fairy 11 of 12

    These micro-mini skirts are so consistent that I'm as bored as I am annoyed.


    [photo source]

  • Unicorn 12 of 12

    Here, thankfully, the inappropriate length of the skirt is minimized by the horrible furry hat.

    [photo source]


Have you noticed this too-sexy trend? Is there anything that we, as parents, can do about it (besides not purchasing)?

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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