Top 10 Truths About Kids And Toys

There’s one big truth about kids and toys, and it’s so obvious we rarely stop to think about it: Kids are only going to enjoys toys for a short period in their lives.

Yes, sure, toddlerhood may feel like it lasts 17 million years, but before you know it, your kids are going to be 7 and 9, as mine are. And while they have been talking about which toys they want for the holidays approximately since last April, I realize that soon enough they’re going to be past toys and I am going to miss that look of pure wonder and amusement on their faces as they play.

This is why I particularly love shopping for toys for them, finding the stuff they want and the surprises they’ll love.  They’re only little once, as the saying goes—and they only love toys once. (Well, then they grow up and want toys like mopeds and iPhone 5s, as my husband does).

Read on for nine other truths about kids and toys, and two great toy giveaways!

1. High-tech games are awesome and all, but there’s nothing like an amazing doll. Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Star talks, dances and sings whenever she gets a new hairdo. Sort of like me.

2. Kids love toys, but they love them even more when they play them with you. You sometimes forget this as kids get older and they’re more independent, but then my son wants me to zoom cars over a racetrack with him and my little girl wants to do magic tricks for me, and I realize I am still one of their fave playdates.

3. If your kids both want the same toy for the holiday, don’t waste brain fuel considering whether you can just get them one. I’ve tried this once; perhaps you heard my kids wailing in despair? Just. Buy. Two.

4. Some of the most fun toys are the ones you loved as a kid. Or, even better, the ones you pined for as a kid and never got. That would be the Easy-Bake Ultimate Oven. I always wanted one but never got it, which explains why I’ve been in therapy all these years. I cannot wait to give the oven to my daughter this year, then bake up stuff. Hope I remember to share.

5. “Grown-ups need to know about giving kids everything.” My 7-year-old wanted to contribute that bit of advice. “What do you mean?” I asked. “That kids need iPads, computers, X-boxes, toys, you know!” OK, I asked, “is it better to get a ton of stuff or just one super-super-super amazing thing?” She pondered that and then said, as I knew she would, “One super-super-super amazing thing!” Word.

6. Kids have a tough time letting go of toys, even if they no longer play with them. This I know from yard sales I’ve had in which my children have literally snatched their for-sale toys off the tables on our driveway, scurried back into our house and put them into The Toy Witness Protection Program so I could never again attempt to sell them.

7. There’s nothing like a two-in-one toy. My little girl’s been begging for the Barbie Photo Fashion Doll. Kids can take pictures with the embedded camera and the photos appear on the shirt. Kids can then plug the doll into a computer to edit the images. OMG. I want it too!

8. Promised toys make for awesome bribes. Sample: “If you do not get into that bath NOW, you are not getting that toy on your list.” Child: “OK! OK!”

9. You can never be too rich or too thin or have too many batteries. Buy in bulk! And then consider this ploy from comedian Bernard Manning: “I once bought my kids a set of batteries for Christmas with a note on it saying, ‘Toys not included.'”

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Do you know a deserving family, school, or charity this holiday season? We’re giving away one grand set of 20 toys from Target, including those mentioned in this post! To nominate, simply comment and tell us why you’ve selected them! 


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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