Top 20 Halloween Costumes For Couples

Talk about making an entrance... In more ways than one.

Every year I tell myself I’m going to go all out for Halloween, and I ain’t talking about the kids.

I’m talking, months of costume planning and then I will go to parties with Serge and we will be wearing the most brilliant costumes anyone has ever seen.

We never plan. We never even go to parties.

However, last year we went all out in the decoration department; spiderwebs streaming from the house complete with an enormous spider crawling around, a fog machine, flashing lightning – you get the idea. Then we actually hosted a most excellent Halloween party.

It was fun but we lost all of our awesome decorations in a house fire early this year. And although we dressed up, Serge and I have yet to really dial in some epic costumes of the coordinating couple variety. I’ve always wanted to do that. Dressing up with someone really opens up your option in terms of going as famous duos or everyday items that just go together like bacon and eggs, salt and pepper, ice cream and a spoon… You get the idea.

I culled the Internet for the coolest, most creative costumes that you can throw together last minute, mostly with stuff already in your home or things you can find during a quick strip to Walmart or whatever joint you frequent in your hood.

Check it out.

  • Casual Boobs 1 of 20
    This awesome costume only requires two round balls, some white shirts and the material to form the bra. It looks like these two just twisted the material and tied it in the back.
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  • Sexy Boobs 2 of 20
    Lower the placement of the balls you've shoved under your shirt to create a more realistic (saggy) set of knockers, change the shirt to flesh colored and you've got yourself a pair of sexy boobs! Is it just me or does dude look a little too stoked to be dressed as a boob and wearing make-up?
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  • It’s A Boy! 3 of 20
    Talk about making a grand entrance... In more ways than one. This costume is still cool even after they get out from under the table because then they're mom and newborn baby. And seriously, could her costume be any more comfortable?
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  • Bun In The Oven 4 of 20
    This can be thrown together with a cardboard box and some paint. Pick up a chef's hat and you're good to go! Or if, like me, you're lazy and not creative, just order it online.
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  • Beat That Pinata! 5 of 20
    A great excuse to beat on your mate all night long!
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  • It’s Electric 6 of 20
    This is one of several costumes with this particular connotation. You can order them online for $40.
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  • You Hold The Key To My… Heart? 7 of 20
    Another play on the sex theme. <a href=" this one up for just over $20. But listen, if you're the dude wearing this costume you may not want to be seen without your partner.
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  • Marge and Homer 8 of 20
    They look great and if you look closely most of the stuff they have can probably be found in your house or at the nearest thrift shop. Only thing you really need to buy is the Homer mask and a blue wig.
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  • Priest and Nun 9 of 20
    Somebody's going to hell... Another couple's costume that you can mostly throw together with stuff from your closet. This works especially well if the female half of your couple is actually pregnant!
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  • Pope and Nun 10 of 20
    If you want to kick the priest and nun costume up a notch, why not implicate the Pope in your pregnancy? Or create a Jesus costume with some white material and sandles and call it the "Immaculate Conception".
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  • PB&J 11 of 20
    You can make your own sandwich or you can score one online for a song.
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  • American Gothic 12 of 20
    Another DIY costume you can create with stuff found around your house or after a quick trip to the thrift store.
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  • Party On 13 of 20
    Who doesn't have a couple T-shirts, hats and flannels laying around the house?
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  • It Was The Milkman! 14 of 20
    Another easy, hilarious DIY costume for couples that also works well if the female half of your couple happens to be knocked up.
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  • Squeaky Clean 15 of 20
    This costume is easier to make than it looks. Click here to find out how to make the loofah costume.
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  • You Won! 16 of 20
    Another hilarious couples costume you can make in seconds.
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  • Dexter 17 of 20
    If, like us, you're a huge fan of Dexter this easy costume is a no brainer.
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  • Red Badge of Courage 18 of 20
    If you can get your dude to go to a party as a tampon then you win.
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  • Mario Saves The Princess 19 of 20
    Throw this famous duo costume together in no time at all!
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  • Don’t Look at Her! 20 of 20
    A little gray spray paint from the grocery store, a couple of toy snakes and you're good to go. Check out this couple who really went all out!
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