Top 5 Tips for New Parents Using Car Seats


When I drove my son home from the hospital after our 72-hour mini-vacation, I was obsessed with one thing: PROTECTING MY SON AT ALL COSTS.

Sure, you could make the argument that I was a bit, let’s say, overboard about it, but that was part of my charm. When we got in the car and settled in, I somehow instantaneously mutated into a grumpy old man. People were driving too fast, talking too loud, eating too fast and honking too often. I just wanted a rocking chair and a cup of coffee.

And yes, I drove 6 miles per hour, but that’s what the slow lane is for. Isn’t it?

So, in an effort, to help parents everywhere with feeler safe and secure, I have come up with this list. It’s not a complete list by any means, so think of it as a jumping off point.


1. You can drive faster than 5 miles per hour

I know. It’s revolutionary. Whiplash occurs upon impact, not speeding up your non-warp-drive engine. You know what? You can go over 10mph too. Let’s get nuts.

2. Don’t use after-market parts
You see, car seats come with foam and built-in safety features that have been lab-tested. You do NOT need to add your special after-market add-ons like bubble wrap or eject buttons or duct tape or parachutes. Trust. Despite being really fun, tin foil is also not necessary.

3. Use a tarp under and around the seat
Why? Because the rear-view mirror sight of your little one lifting a clump of some unidentifiable “food” object to their mouth is sure to cause reckless and dangerous swerving. Laying something down makes it easier to keep things clean.

4. Focus your buckling
Buckles are to a car seat what a parachute is to skydiving. But there’s more. Your hands may occassionally experience the equivalent of bobbing for snapping turtles, getting pinched while clipping in. Who cares about you, though. Nothing can compare to the soul-nuking guilt and shame of pinching your little one accidentally. Being very careful and attentive can spare your baby some tears, and prevent you from punishing yourself by banging your head against hard things. You’re a better parent when you don’t have massive head trauma.

5. Check that diaper for heat!
No matter how easy they make it to disassemble the carseat for cleaning, it’s just never going to make it onto Mary Poppins’ list of favorite things, let alone yours. Sometimes a diaper poosplosion is unavoidable, poop happens. If you can’t understand how this is a safety tip, then you just haven’t witnessed the horror.


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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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