Top 8 Ways I Waste My Time

I am a time wasting expert. For example, prior to typing this I spent an hour trying to decide what to write about. Should I tell the story of how hilarious it is when your children don’t know the difference between the words “grind” and “groin” or should I tell you about how I ended up sitting next to one of the guys from that 5 people one guitar video on the airplane?

This was a real dilemma, the first story would involve explaining Soul Coughing lyrics, pointing at crotches and reiterating the fact that I let my children listen to totally inappropriate music for second graders and the airplane story can pretty much be told in one sentence and is probably a better fit for twitter than Babble.

Don’t worry. I figured it all out. I went with Option C.

My third idea (and the one you are all stuck with) is sharing with you a glimpse into my soul.

The Top 8 Ways I Waste Time

  • Draw Something 1 of 8
    Draw Something
    The Draw Something app is the most addictive, most ridiculous thing you will ever play. I suck at it and yet I will play all day long if someone else is willing to play with me. {photo from @mariannecanada via @samanthajcampen)
  • Looking for Free Music on Amazon 2 of 8
    Looking for Free Music on Amazon
    I am a sucker for Free MP3s. There is hardly ever anything I actually want to listen to but that doesn't stop from trying.
  • My Netflix Queue 3 of 8
    My Netflix Queue
    I am not a clean neat or compulsive individual but ALL of my OCD tendencies that I used to spend alphabetizing CDs I now spend screwing around with my Netflix queue. I spend more time rearranging my Netflix queue than anyone else I know. I've got over 400 movies on my list and I mess with it at least twice a day.
  • Watching SportsCenter – Again 4 of 8
    Watching SportsCenter - Again
    Yeah, I watch SportsCenter on a loop. I'm not proud.
  • iPhone Scrabble 5 of 8
    iPhone Scrabble
    I blame Erin. I play Scrabble even more than I play Draw Something. On the upside I now know at least three words that start with Q that don't require a U.
  • Twitter 6 of 8
    I love Twitter. If you don't love Twitter you aren't following the people I am following. I could spend 40 hours a week on Twitter. I wonder if they would hire me to do that.
  • Staring Blankly Into My Fridge 7 of 8
    Staring Blankly Into My Fridge
    You know what your mom always told you not to do? That is what I do.
  • The YouTube Wormhole 8 of 8
    The YouTube Wormhole
    You know how you watch a video and then other cool things pop up in the sidebar? One time I followed sidebar ideas for four hours. YouTube is worse than Tetris for making time vanish. Then again, it is how I discovered this.

This doesn’t include all of my strange and magical time sucks. Being both lazy and unable to sit still has forced me to create new ways to spend my day. When I was a kid and had to kill time on long car trips I invented a game I could play on a regular calculator. I could teach it to you, but you have to be in a car because it involves street signs.

I fear I’ve said to much.

Now it is your turn. How do you waste time?



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