Tornado Sirens!!!

images-4 We live right in the middle of the country, a bit east of tornado alley. Springtime around here is always crazy. With the hot and cold fronts crossing each other, spring in this area can be deadly. Not all homes around here have basements so we are very fortunate to have one. We are even more fortunate that we have never been in the middle of a tornado. Don’t get me wrong, I have seen one. Just last year my husband was standing at the stove and I was by the door in the kitchen looking across the back yard. Just beyond the trees I saw what looked to be a dark grey funnel cloud poking through the already gray sky. I was a bit taken aback and it took me a moment to get a word out “honey?” I was going to have my husband come and look at what I saw, but, before I could finish my sentence, or even start it, the funnel went back up into the clouds. An hour later we heard a report on the news that a tornado touched down 3 miles from where we live. I have seen the damage that a tornado does up close and personal. Shortly after the tornados hit Joplin, Missouri, in 2011 we did a show near by. The promoter, who lost his home in that tornado, drove us through the town. You couldn’t even tell it was once a “town” (see pics). Today when I was in the car line dropping our 4-year-old off at school we heard the tornado sirens going off. The sound grabs your attention and if you listen to it, it’s pretty scary. When the sirens sound, it’s something to take seriously . The head of school was directing everyone to the turnabout and telling parents they were holding kids and parents in the school’s “safe place.” All the kids were gathered together in the hallway. For 45 kids in a small area it was quite calm. You could see the weather coming in. The dark clouds were moving closer to the school with the sound of the sirens outside.  It was a tense time; a reminder that spring is near along, with tornado season.  We ended up getting hit with some major thunderstorms, but thankfully no tornados.  The parents hung around until after the sirens stopped and warnings were cleared. Being the first day back to school after spring break it definately made it an exciting “first day back.”

  • view-from-kitchen 1 of 7
    The view from my backdoor. Saw tornado coming out of cloud by the back fence line
  • tornado-coming-through-cloud 2 of 7
    This is what it looked like when I saw the tornado from our back door. Tornado coming out of clouds. Then it retracted
  • joplin-road 3 of 7
    Driving through Joplin you couldn't tell where you were because there were no landmarks or street signs
  • Joplin-hopital 4 of 7
    The hospital was majorly damaged. A 4 yr old boy was pulled from 4th floor. They found him 3 miles away, alive.
  • joplin 5 of 7
    You could see for miles. You never could see this broad of an area because there were neighborhoods and buildings. In the rubble, you couldn't make out what anything was, it was just pieces and fragments
  • school-weather 6 of 7
    This was the look of clouds rolling toward school
  • kids-in-safe-place 7 of 7
    All the kids at school with teachers and some parents gathered in the interior hallway
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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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