Transforming a Room with a Rug

I think I’ve mentioned why I have a fear of carpet. Even before I had kids, I had pets and I learned to love hard surfaces.

The problem with hard surfaces is that they are hard. They don’t really lend themselves to sprawling out on, and playing board games. When you wrestle with a sibling on a tile or hardwood surface, there is a fair chance that someone will lose an eye  get a concussion. I’m joking but only a little. My four year old has gotten more than a few shiners and goose eggs off our family room floor.

Once upon a time we had a lovely rug in our living room. It was thick chunky shag and it was expensive and it was loverly. I adored it. But then my puppy peed on it and my cranky elderly cat said “Wha? Hey? Party on the rug?” and added his scent to the mix and the puppy rallied with another oopsie and the cat said, oh yeah? Take this. There was no saving that rug.  I was burned. Burned bad. Not as bad as the rug though, which actually should have been burned. It was relocated to the dump and I cried.

So bad that I really found it hard to commit to a new rug, both decoratively and financially. Even after the dog went to live with grandma and the poor old cat passed away, I had issues about getting a new rug. I’d browse every now and again, but even though I knew it would make a difference and possibly save my ninja sons from future head injury, I couldn’t pull the trigger. I lacked focus. I lacked confidence in any store to have a selection of decent rugs that I could afford.

I lacked Home Depot.

In pursuit of happiness, mental health and a less lame living room I recently accepted a challenge to make over an area of my home with Home Depot flooring. They provided me with a $150 gift certificate to shop with and I, of course, went straight to the shag. It must have something to do with my own childhood, my penchant for shag. $150 may not seem like a fortune when it comes to shopping for flooring but it is enough to transform a room when you shop for a rug. I was truly surprised by all the options the store had for someone on a budget. Of course I also found a lot of rugs that were more expensive, and probably not suited to either my fickle decorative nature or  my family room full of pets and kids, at this time. I can dream about them in my “next” house.

You know, the one where everything is white and spotless? Bwah hahaha!

In the meantime $199 got me a lovely 10×12 Ombre effect shag rug that truly changed the family room into a welcoming space in the mere moments that it took to unroll. The darker outer edges are a nice, dirt hiding touch in my opinion. It’s not going to show wear as quickly as a solid color would have.   I think I might like it better than the rug we had to toss.

Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Home Depot. A big thanks to The Home Depot for sponsoring this campaign. Click here to see more of the discussion.

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